The $100 Billion “Ghost City” | The Eco-Friendly City Built To Last Now Eerily Stands Alone!

Launched amidst much fanfare in 2016, backed by China's Belt and Road Initiative, Forest City aimed to house nearly one million people in a blend of nature and modernity.

Despite its grand ambitions, Forest City stands eerily silent today, with just 1% occupancy and its waters teeming with crocodiles. What went wrong?

A mix of China's currency controls, political unrest in Malaysia, and the  COVID-19 pandemic have turned this dream city into a nearly abandoned ghost town.

From staircases leading to nowhere to a children’s train echoing 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' in an almost empty mall, the city's desolation is palpable.

Marketed as a green paradise, the construction of Forest City ironically led to significant environmental degradation, impacting local wildlife and communities.

Hear from the few residents like Nazmi and Joanne Kaur, who share their surreal experiences of isolation in a city that was meant to be bustling with life.

As Forest City remains a ghostly shell of its intended glory, one wonders if it can ever fulfill its promise or remain a monument to unmet expectations.