Story Of The  Sled Dog 'Togo' | True Hero Who Took The Long & Difficult Road To Deliver A Cure For Humans!

1925, Nome, Alaska: A diphtheria epidemic threatens over 10,000 lives. An urgent race against time begins.

Meet Togo, the unlikely hero. From a rowdy pup to a leader of the pack.

With no cure in Nome, a daring plan is hatched. A team of sled dogs must traverse the frozen wilderness to deliver the antitoxin.

260 miles of icy danger. Led by Togo, the team faces the harshest conditions to save Nome.

Togo's intelligence and bravery shine, navigating treacherous terrains and saving his team from peril.

While Balto finished the relay, it was Togo who made the impossible journey possible.

Togo's story teaches us the power of courage and determination. A lasting tribute to an unsung hero.