People In This Town Travel With Groceries &  Kids On A Zip Line | They Travel Over A Canyon That Is 1000 Feet High!

Acacias, Colombia - a place where the simplicity of rural life meets an extraordinary commute.

Imagine starting your day with a flight across treetops. Groceries in tow, children alongside, the locals of Acacias navigate a half-mile cable, transforming hours into seconds.

Suspended over 1300 feet above the Rio Negro, this zip line isn't just a mode of transportation. It's a lifeline, cutting travel times and connecting communities.

Two fixed cables, a makeshift harness, and a wooden triangle for braking. This ingenious setup carries villagers and their essentials across 800 meters in 30 seconds.

The zip lines of Acacias tell a story of ingenuity, necessity, and the unyielding human spirit.