Mystery of The Lake In The Himalayas Filled With Hundreds Of Skeletons | Humans Remains Piled Up At The Edges!

Stumble upon Roopkund, known as the Skeleton Lake, where the melting ice reveals hundreds of human skeletons each year.

Discover the spine-chilling twist of Roopkund, a trekker's paradise with a diameter of 40 meters, hiding tales of tragedy under its icy surface.

In 1942, Hari Kishan Madhwal's discovery at Roopkund led to wild theories. Today, science sheds light on these ancient pilgrims' tragic end.

Through DNA sequencing and radiocarbon dating, researchers unearth the story of different groups from as early as 800 CE, offering a glimpse into their last moments.

Legend and science converge to narrate the pilgrimage led by King Jasdhaval, ending disastrously at Roopkund due to a lethal hailstorm.

Forensic evidence shows blunt trauma on the skeletons, pointing to a violent hailstorm as the cause of death for these ancient travelers.

Skeleton Lake remains a testament to nature's unpredictability and the enduring human spirit, encapsulating myth, history, and science in its depths.