'Center Of The Universe' In Oklahoma | An Unusual Place Of Loud Echoes and Sound Anomalies!

Stand in a concrete circle and experience your voice echoing back, louder and clearer. It's not just a place; it's an experience.

In the heart of Tulsa, a unique acoustic phenomenon amplifies sounds in a way you have to hear to believe. What's the secret?

Similar to the Lake George Mystery Spot, Tulsa's circle mystifies with its sound reflections. But what makes it truly unique?

Some theories suggest the circular surroundings create a private echo chamber. Yet, the true science remains a captivating mystery.

Why 'Center of the Universe'? A title that reflects its uniqueness and the awe it inspires among visitors and locals alike.

Visitors leave amazed, their voices part of a playful nature's law. It's an experience that blends science with the mystical