Stephen Colbert Made A Special Announcement On Kate Middleton Jokes, But  No Apologies !

Tanika Ray opened up about her personal experience just days following the dramatic entrance of federal agents into two of Combs' properties in Los Angeles and Miami. These raids were reportedly aimed at uncovering evidence related to sex trafficking

Ray chose not to disclose the specific details of her encounters with Combs, but emphasized that she maintained boundaries even in their professional interactions. This included instances such as being on a plane with him during his Citizen Change campaign in 2004, aimed at encouraging young voters, as well as conducting interviews with him during her time at Extra when she was a host

Ray admitted that she has kept silent about her knowledge of Combs for many years, fearing that speaking out would bring more harm to her than to Diddy. In her viral video caption, she emphasized the importance of allowing space for healing and moving forward, condemning the men who allowed such behavior to persist.