A Man Survives  3 Days In An Upturned Boat At The Bottom Of The Ocean

A sudden ocean swell overturned the tugboat Jascon-4, plunging Harrison and his crew into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Trapped in an officer's cabin, with an air pocket shrinking, Harrison faced nature's unpredictable power  head-on.

In the pitch-black ocean, with no food or water, Harrison stacked mattresses to stay afloat, battling the cold and fear of drowning.

After 60 hours, rescuers, expecting to recover bodies, found Harrison alive in a vanishing air pocket. A miraculous survival against all odds.

Wrapped in a special suit, Harrison was brought to the surface. Despite passing out, he survived, spending days in a decompression chamber.

Transformed by his ordeal, Harrison trained as a diver, returning to the sea to aid in rescue efforts, inspired by those who saved him.

Harrison Okene's story is a testament to human resilience, endurance, and the mysterious depths of the sea, inspiring all who hear it.