A Man Stays Rent Free At A New York Hotel For 5 Years By Only Paying For One Night | He Now Claims The Hotel's Ownership!

In June 2018, Mickey Barreto checks into the New Yorker Hotel, paying just $200 for one night, unaware it's the beginning of a 5-year stay.

Barreto discovers a little-known law. With just one night's stay, he sets off a legal battle for a six-month lease.

After being refused a lease, Barreto takes his case to court, winning the right to stay without rent through persistence and a legal oversight.

Escalating his audacious stance, Barreto forges a deed, falsely claiming ownership of the iconic New Yorker Hotel.

A landmark near Madison Square Garden, the New Yorker Hotel's history is as rich as its famous neon sign is bright.

Manhattan's DA charges Barreto for his fraudulent claim, uncovering a bizarre attempt to own one of NYC's landmarks.

Barreto defends his actions as a stance against the Unification Church's ownership, denying any fraud.

This story raises questions about property rights, hospitality laws, and the lengths one might go to challenge them.