The Pros and Cons of Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft is a sport that both kids and adults can enjoy for many, many years. Airsoft guns are essentially toy guns, that actually allow you to shoot targets as well as people in a safe, responsible manner.

And while there are many different types of guns you could buy at your local airsoft store, one of the first you should consider is the airsoft pistol. Airsoft pistols are small, affordable, and easy to start using right away.

They are perfect for kids as well, especially the younger ones, as their small hands can manage and use these fun little toy guns. But there’s a lot to consider when buying airsoft pistols.

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of airsoft pistols, as well as how to buy one once you are ready to stop reading and start shooting. 

What Are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns in general, are those that shoot tiny, plastic BBs. They are considered toys, as they aren’t going to cause injury or harm, other than momentary pain or welt on the skin.

As a result, airsoft guns are often used by kids. They can be used as a safe way to target shoot in the backyard. You can set them up with paper targets, or line up cans for them to shoot and hear that all-too-fulfilling “plink” sound.

It offers kids a great hobby that builds up practical skills. Plus, they get to soak up many mental and physical health benefits from being outdoors.

And once they know how to use the airsoft guns, they can play with them without supervision. This is not the case with normal guns or hunting equipment, as children should never touch those without direct adult assistance. 

And of course, kids can use airsoft guns to shoot each other. Sure, it hurts a little bit, but it’s still safe as long as eye protection is worn at all times.

Many adults play airsoft this way too, as many airsoft courses are available where teams of people can actually shoot each other, like paintball. 

Pros of Airsoft Pistols

You can find any type of gun in airsoft form. From long-range rifles to automatic machine guns. But to get started, kids should get simple airsoft pistols.

They will learn the basics of how airsoft guns work, and how to use them in a safe manner, before having something that can fire a much more powerful round.

Plus, you can often buy multiple airsoft pistols for the price of one larger airsoft gun. So if you have multiple kids, or if your child wants to play with their neighbor friends, you can have a stockpile of easy-to-use airsoft guns for them to share. 

Airsoft pistols offer simple functionality. You load up your magazine with the correct number of BBs, cock the gun each time you want to shoot it, and fire.

If you ever want to take your kids hunting with you, you should definitely start them out with an airsoft pistol as young as possible. 

Basic airsoft pistols will be relatively accurate, and they won’t shoot too hard. This means people aren’t going to get hurt as much, and the guns won’t do any damage to your home or property.

And the biggest benefit, for kids at least, is how easy they are to use. Smaller hands will easily be able to load and cock airsoft pistols, so they don’t always have to ask for help each time they want to shoot. 

Cons of Airsoft Pistols

So what sucks about having airsoft pistols? Well, having airsoft guns of any kind means that your property is quickly going to fill up with plastic BBs. They will inevitably end up in the house, the yard, and everywhere else you don’t want them to be.

From a practical standpoint, airsoft pistols can’t shoot nearly as far as other types of guns. The range will be limited, and accuracy with a tiny barrel is never as good. They work fine for kids, but for teenagers or adults who want something more reliable, they’ll probably opt for a rifle of some sort.

Shot power is also limited. So if it’s a windy day, you can expect your accuracy to go out the door, as there isn’t enough power behind each BB to keep it on course.

The carrying capacity is also limited to only a handful of BBs. This means reloading quite often. 

But overall, airsoft pistols are great when first getting started in the sport. They are perfect for younger children who need to learn the basics. Once they demonstrate skill and responsible handling, you can upgrade them to a larger airsoft gun.

Buying an Airsoft Pistol

Buying a gun at an airsoft store can seem overwhelming. There are so many options available. 

Your first consideration when buying airsoft pistols should be the person who will be using them. If it’s for a five-year-old child, the smallest gun should be purchased so that their small, weaker hands can easily rack the gun and get shots off.

It’s tempting to buy them a more powerful pistol, but if they can’t pull the action back themselves, you’re going to get annoyed pretty quickly when you have to help them with every shot. 

When buying their first airsoft pistols, simpler is better. They don’t need the most powerful, long-distance pistol. It doesn’t need to have the highest accuracy rating. They just need a cheap, easy-to-use gun that they can get started with.

Of course, you can also purchase a better airsoft pistol for yourself, so you both have something to shoot in the yard with. Once they get comfortable with their gun, you can show them how to use your bigger one. 

Fun For Kids and Adults Alike

Now that you know why airsoft pistols are worth buying, it’s time to pick some up for yourself. They offer both you and your kids a fun way of playing out in the yard. And they are especially great if you like to hunt and want to raise your kids to hunt, too.

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