What to Do After a DUI: 5 Simple Steps

In the United States, someone dies every 50 minutes from an alcohol-impaired driver causing a vehicle crash.

Have you ever driven while under the influence of alcohol? Are you aware of the legal consequences of doing so? What steps need to be taken if you are caught and given a DUI?

Being aware of the steps to take after this happens is important in moving forward with the case.

Keep reading to learn more about what to do after a DUI:

1. Contact a Legal Representative

Every move you make after getting a DUI will be closely watched and contacting a legal representative, such as a criminal defense attorney, to help fight your case is very important.

They will have a guideline for the next steps that they would like you to take and help you make decisions in the coming days and weeks. Criminal defense attorneys are experts in this field and likely have practiced a wide variety of DUI cases in the past.

2. Call Your Insurance Company and Ask What to Do After a DUI

Your insurance company likely has a protocol for any insured drivers that get into this situation. Contacting them before they find out about it in another way is very important.

The company will likely take some type of action after learning of the news. Some will suspend or cancel your coverage immediately, while others may raise your rates instead of dropping your coverage altogether.

3. Follow the Rules

Between the law enforcement and the court, you will be given orders on what you are allowed to do and when you need to report into court. It is extremely important that you do not miss the court date or any required legal actions that require your presence.

Doing so can further implicate you and give them a reason to doubt your ability to live life outside of a prison cell. Following all of the rules gives no one a reason to think that you are intentionally doing wrong in any way and can help when it comes to the sentencing hearing.

4. Address the Issue

Was the decision to drink and drive a one-time action? Is this a repeated behavior? What can you do to prevent this from ever happening again?

Addressing why you were behind the wheel after drinking can help you prevent the issue from happening again. One DUI is not great for your driving record but several can lead to your license being taken away for good, along with additional jail time and other punishments.

5. Pay the Fine

Similar to the concept of a speeding ticket, there will be a fine associated with your reckless driving citation that led to the DUI.

Even if it is a large fine, it is important to try to pay the full amount within the time requested. Failure to pay it can lead to additional legal action.

Take Action Today

Now that you have read more about what to do after a DUI, you can take action today. Finding a defense lawyer that can work the case if you or a loved one can make a large difference in the outcome of the case.

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