The Complete Guide That Makes Cleaning a Bong Simple

Unlike with alcohol, there is an incredible number of ways to ingest weed. You can eat it, smoke it, vape it, and more. If you’re an experienced smoker, you probably own a bong.

Using a bong cools down your smoke, eliminates the need for papers, and is a fun, easy way to smoke great weed. Yet there is a downside: cleaning a bong can be a tricky task! 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be hard, so long as you know what you’re doing. In this guide, we’re going to give you some fantastic bong cleaning tips that can make it far easier to clean a bong.

Are you ready to learn more? Then read on!

Why Do I Need to Clean My Glass Bong?

You may wonder why you need to clean your bong at all. Maybe you empty the water out of it regularly and feel like anything more is going overboard. This is not true.

If you don’t clean your bong, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This is particularly true if you don’t empty the water regularly: the water will go stagnant fast, and you’ll be left with a stinky bong full of things that you really don’t want to be breathing.

If you leave the water too long, it will develop a substance called biofilm, which is a scummy top layer that can contain a huge number of different potentially dangerous organisms. Breathing these organisms in or swallowing any of the water is a health hazard.

Ideally, you should be changing your bong water in between every smoke session. It’s not a difficult task, so take the time to use fresh water every time that you smoke.

Yet if that’s too much effort, you can still make the best of a bad situation. 

How to Know When to Clean Your Bong

The first thing that should set your dirty bong alarm bells ringing is the taste. Your weed should taste fresh and delicious (assuming that you like the taste of weed). Yet on a dirty bong, this taste can be lost in a sea of mustiness and bacteria.

When you smoke weed through a dirty bong, the taste is disgusting. It’s like eating a piece of fruit that’s gone bad. You’ll know when the bong is dirty, believe us: take this as a warning sign and clean it.

Even if the weed still tastes good (or even just okay), a dirty bong can start to smell. It’ll start to smell like a swamp or a wet dog: like with the taste, it’s very obvious when the smell is bad, as it’ll be stinking up your whole room.

The nose knows, as do the tastebuds, so if either of these tells you that your bong needs to be cleaned, it’s definitely time.

Cleaning a Bong: What Do You Need?

First off, let’s take a look at what you actually need on hand to clean a bong. There are lots of different dedicated bong cleaner products that you can use but these are unnecessary and expensive.

All you need to clean a bong is sea salt, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), two large Ziploc bags, bong stoppers, and a towel. There are other ways to clean a bong, which we’ll cover later, but this is the easiest way.

Cleaning a Bong With Salt and Alcohol

We’ve chosen a way to clean our bong and we’ve got our supplies. Now let’s start cleaning.

1. Cleaning the Bowl and Downstem

The very first step requires you to take out the bowl and the downstem, then put them into separate Ziploc bags. Then you’ll need to pour alcohol into the bags until they cover the bowl and downstem, then add a handful of sea salt. Shake the bags to mix the salt into the alcohol and soak the interior of these parts.

2. Cleaning the Bong Itself

If you haven’t done this already, empty the bong water out of your bong. Then pour salt into your bong until the salt covers the base of the bong and add around 60 ml of alcohol. 

Next, plug up the bong with the stoppers. You should put a stopper into the mouthpiece and downstem hole.

Then it’s time to give your bong a good old shake. You need to do this to get the resin off your glassware, so take Taylor Swift’s advice and shake it off. 

If you’ve got smaller components that we’ve not mentioned yet, you can clean these off with cotton swabs and alcohol.

3. Rinsing the Alcohol and Salt Out

When you’ve got all of the resin out (some of it can be very hard to remove), it’s time to rinse away the alcohol and salt mixture. Pour the mixture out of your bong like you poured the water out earlier, then add hot water and put the stoppers back on. Shake thoroughly to make sure that you’ve rinsed the whole bong, then pour the hot water out.

Please note that boiling water can break glass, so let it cool for a little bit before you put it into your bong.

To rinse your downstem and bowl, you can put them into a large bowl then add the hot water. Shake it lightly to rinse the alcohol off.

You should make sure that all the alcohol is gone, as inhaling isopropyl alcohol isn’t good for you and can cause serious issues.

4. Dry Your Bong Out

Now that your bong is clean, it’s time to dry it out. It’s best to let it air dry but if you want to use it right away, you can use a dish towel to clean the bong. Dry off each component, reassemble, and you’re ready to go!

Tips for a More Thorough Cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, the resin can be very difficult to remove from a bong. If your bong is still covered in gunky, sticky stuff, then you’re going to need to take some further steps. Here’s how you can clean some more stubborn stains.

1. Soak the Bong With Dish Soap

If you want to remove difficult stains, you’re going to need to let your bong soak for a little while. Put it in a bowl with hot (not boiling) water and a squirt of dish soap. Let it soak for at least an hour, then repeat the steps that we mentioned earlier.

2. Removing Water Stains

Water stains on your bong aren’t harmful but they aren’t aesthetically pleasing, either. There’s an easy way to get rid of these, though. 

Once you’ve rinsed the alcohol and salt, juice a lemon and pour its juice into your bong with some warm water. Stopper your bong and then swirl the water and lemon juice mixture around before rinsing it out.

Bong Hygiene Tips

If you’ve got a bong or other water pipe that you’re proud of, you should know how to keep it clean during day-to-day use. Here are some easy hygiene tips that can keep your bong fresh.

Use Distilled Water

You can use pretty much anything as a bong liquid but water is still the best choice, and distilled water is the best water. Why is distilled water better?

Distilled water has had the minerals stripped out of it, which means that there’s less likely to be a build-up of gunk in your bong. 

Clean Your Bong Once a Week

Yeah, we know. Cleaning a bong seems like the biggest task in the world, especially if you just want to have a smoke. The truth is, cleaning your bong regularly is better for your health and better for your smoking experience.

Schedule time every week and clean your bong. It’ll save you effort in the long run too, as they’ll be less resin build-up during each clean.

Wipe Off the Mouthpiece

Your skin is covered in oil, which can lead to some nasty stains around the mouthpiece of your bong. After every use, wipe off your mouthpiece with a bit of kitchen towel to keep your bong clean.

It’s Not Hard to Clean a Water Pipe

Cleaning a bong can seem like the hardest job in the world, especially if you’re thinking about it while you’re stoned. The truth is, cleaning a bong is easy and shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. Your efforts will reward you with a better smoking experience, too: don’t neglect your bong!

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