How to Become a Politician: A Basic Guide

While big, federal issues are what make headlines, the world of politics extends far beyond the clash of ideologies we see in the news and online. In fact, local and state governments, which arguably affect day-to-day life more, often go publically unrecognized.

If you’re looking at a politician career, the path is a lot more straightforward than you might realize. There are many different types of politicians, and you can pick the one you want to become based on your strengths. This article will be your helpful guide on how to become a politician.

Get a Degree

While public officials get their positions by running for office, politicians of all sorts generally get their starts with a degree. Political science is the current culturally recommended degree for those looking to pursue a career in politics. However, more than a few politicians got their start with a degree in law.

Get On the Scene

Strangely enough, politics is just like music in that you have to become part of the scene if you ever want to make it. Attend meetings of public officials, join boards and committees, write and try to public political articles and opinion pieces, join the local chapter of your political party, and help out your community. Becoming a recognized and trusted face is the best way to become a politician.

Hone Your Skills

Become aware of the history of government in the area you currently live in and develop an interest in projects that are going on. How do you feel about current legislation and developments?

Read up on some political philosophy, science, and essay books that relate to your party. Stay away from books that are on the more “trendy” side, and stick to established authors.

Practice public speaking by speaking at local organized events, or even joining an acting class. There’s no shortage of actors who went on to become politicians.

Research the requirements you need to hit to run for office in your location. If you have to gain a certain amount of signatures, this is a perfect time to spread your opinions and your name. We recommend starting small when your first time running for office.


When the time comes to run for office, you can’t just put your name on the ballot and expect people to vote for you. You have to campaign. This is done through speeches, advertising, and sometimes even debates.

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Learn How to Become a Politician

At the end of the day, learning how to become a politician isn’t that much different from learning any other profession. You have to make sure you’re constantly learning to ensure the quality of your service to the public.

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