Here List Of Reasons For Not Eating Pigs

Nowadays many people are turning vegetarian or not eating non-veg food. This post is primarily written not to focus on what do pigs eat but why to avoid eating pigs. Many of them are avoiding this eating swine meat due to the health reason and some have given up to environmental reasons. 

1. Porking You Up

It’s a fact—ham, sausage, and bacon strips will go all the way up to your hips. Also, meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than pure vegetarians. It has been found that many people have suffered various kinds of problems heart problems or other kinds of disease due to the consumption of pork meat. 

2. Pigs Have Emotions Too

Today 97 percent of pigs in the United States are raised on factory farms, where they will never run across vast pastures, sit in the sun, breathe fresh air, or do anything that comes naturally to them. Overcrowded in warehouses and nowhere to go, they are put on a steady diet of drugs to keep them alive and grow rapidly, but the drugs cause many animals to become crippled in their own bulk.

3. Pigs And Playstation

Think you can beat a pig on your Playstation? You might be surprised. According to research, pigs are smarter than dogs, and they also do better at video games than some primates. In fact, pigs are extremely smart animals that form complex social networks and have excellent memories. 

4. Pigs Prefer Clay, Not Crude

Pigs are actually very clean animals. And forget the silly saying “sweat like a pig” – pigs don’t even sweat! So they bathe in water or mud to cool down. Conditions are so dirty that at any given time, more than a quarter of pigs suffer from scabies—think of your worst case of poison ivy.

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6. Manure Is Blowing In The Wind

A pig farm with 5,000 animals produces as much sewage waste as a city of 50,000 people. In 1995, 2.5 million gallons of putrid hog urine and feces spilled into the North Carolina River, killing 10 to 14 million fish immediately. To overcome the extent of water pollution, factory farms often take tons of urine and feces that accumulate in cesspools and turn them into liquid waste which they spray into the air. 

8. Hell On Wheels

Every year more than 170,000 pigs die in transportation, and more than 420,000 are maimed by the time they reach the slaughterhouse. Transport trucks, which carry pigs hundreds of miles in all weather without food or water, routinely overturn, dumping injured and dying animals on the road. These frightened and injured animals are rarely offered veterinary care, and most remain in pain for hours; Some even died on the side of the road bleeding after an accident.

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How Would I Be Able To Manage These Food Sources? 

Food sources from this high-protein nutrition class (lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, and vegetables/beans) are regularly a staple of the eating routine, particularly in the evening or for the biggest supper of the day. With such social variety in the Australian populace, there are perpetual approaches to set up these food sources. 

Eggs are an entirely significant wellspring of minimal expense, simple to plant protein and they are particularly helpful for more seasoned individuals and youngsters. 

Nuts and seeds can be fused into dinners and snacks in an assortment of ways, including independent dishes like servings of mixed greens, vegetables, different principle course dishes, and breakfast oats or food items like slices of bread and spreads. 

Vegetables and beans give a significant and savvy wellspring of protein, iron, some fundamental unsaturated fats, dissolvable and insoluble dietary fiber, and micronutrients. These are particularly significant for vegans. 

Lean red meat gives a brilliant wellspring of the supplement, in spite of the fact that utilization of more than 100/120 grams each day of red meat, which is more than twice the suggested sum, has been connected to an expanded danger of colorectal disease and kidney malignancy. Is. So make sure to devour different food varieties from this nutritional category also. Non-meat choices, for example, vegetables give similar supplements as meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. There are many advantages of eating fish as well. Burning-through fish more than once seven days is related to a lower hazard of creating dementia in more seasoned grown-ups. Devouring fish to some extent two times every week has significantly more prominent advantages, including lessening the danger of coronary illness, stroke, and age-related macular degeneration in the eyes. 

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