Cycling Safety: Understanding the Dangers of Cycling

In 2019, 846 cyclists died from cycling-related traffic accidents. Many times these accidents could be prevented by drivers paying more attention and watching out for cyclists.

Even though cycling can be dangerous that does not mean that it needs to be avoided. Cycling is great exercise, environmentally friendly, and cheaper than many other forms of transportation.

What can you do to help keep you safe while cycling? Keep on reading to find out the dangers of cycling and ways to help cycling safety.

Potential Dangers to Cyclists

Cyclists face several dangers when riding on roadways. Cars cause many cycling accidents. Cycling verse car accidents can be caused if the driver does not see the cyclist due to poor visibility or distractive driving. Cyclists should be on high alert for drivers not paying enough attention to the roadways.

Cyclists need to also pay attention to changes in the road. Slick roads from weather or freshly cut grass can make an experienced cyclist slide off the road. Potholes, loose gravel, or uneven pavement can also lead to someone flying off their bicycle.

Problems with the bicycle can cause cycling accidents. A broken chain or popped tire can lead to bicycle-related injuries.

Improving Cycling Safety

Although not all cycling accidents and injuries can be avoided there are some things that cyclists can to do help improve their cycling safety.

Try your best to stay visible to cars when cycling to avoid bicycle-related injuries. Whenever possible, try to avoid cycling when it is dark or foggy outside. If you do cycle when you are less visible for cars, wear bright colors, use reflectors on your clothing, and use lights on your bicycle.

Unsafe roadways are also a cause of cycling accidents. Bumpy roads, slick roadways, potholes, and uneven payment are all potential dangers in cycling. When cycling always be alert and watch for changes in roadways. Avoid using your phone or getting distracted to help you stay alert while riding your bike on unfamiliar roadways.

Wearing your helmet can help protect you in case of a bicycle-related injury. A study found that of adults who suffered neck and head injuries during cycling accidents were not wearing a helmet.

Laws Regarding Cycling

Both cyclists and cars have laws that they must follow. These laws help protect cyclists and prevent road accidents. These road rules vary from different states however, all fifty states have laws which include:

  • Riding on the right side
  • Yielding to traffic when crossing
  • Yielding to traffic when changing lanes
  • Pass on the left only
  • Lane sharing (both cyclists and cars get about 3 feet)
  • Follow all laws associated with street signs and signals

What to Do if Injured?

Sometimes even when taking all of the safety measures possible and following the law injuries still happen to cyclists. If you are injured find a bicycle accident lawyer to help you.

A bicycle accident lawyer will help you through the legal process of determining who is liable, help you receive the compensation, and help you navigate through the legal process.

Keeping Focused on Cycling Safety

Cyclists face many dangers when cycling on the roadways. Even when trying to follow cycling safety accidents and injuries do happen. If you or someone you know is involved in a cycling accident, make sure you find a bicycle accident lawyer to help you navigate the legal process and receive the compensation you deserve.

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