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Top 5 WHMCS products to boost your web hosting business

Top 5 WHMCS products to boost your web hosting business

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Who doesn’t want to see their company grow? There is no such person. Every website owner aspires to turn their vision into a reality. But do we really know? What are some of the best WHMCS products that will help you grow your web hosting business? If not, this article can assist you.

In this section, we’ll go over some great WHMCS products that will help you grow your web hosting business. Let’s get started.

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20X WHMCS Theme

The first WHMCS product is a 20X WHMCS Theme that supports multiple languages and its highly responsive and modern design features make it the best option to choose to boost your web hosting business.

Its Features are

  • No licensed check
  • Flat and modern designs
  • No loss in changes
  • Flat and easy
  • Highly responsive


WHMCS GST module is used to maintain all the GST bills. So, to avoid any mistake using WHMCS GST Module for all the bill-related tasks and the percentage countings would be a great choice. 

Its features are

  • It automatically setups GST rules.
  • All the GST guidelines transactions are showed under reports.
  • It provides the authorized signature options that provide a professional look to your bills.
  • It gives SAC codes for each product.

WHMCS One Step Checkout

WHMCS one step checkout is one of the strongest checkouts WHMCS Orderform Templates. It has outstanding features that boost the checkout process of your WHMCS sore. It comes with fully responsive layouts and it supports multiple businesses. 

Its features are

  • Payment gateway icons
  • Detailed summary
  • Country-based payment
  • Mini cart for mobiles
  • Product information

WHMCS Cloudflare Module

WHMCS Cloudflare Module reduces the extra charge of creating a DNS infrastructure for your web hosting business as it provides free DNS hosting and if you choose WHMCS Global services for that then they allow you to reseller them. It makes it very easy for clients to order Cloudflare services from their WHMCS website. 

WHMCS OVH module

If you want to start a VPS/Dedicated Server Reseller business without investing in hardware infrastructure then WHMCS OVH Module will be best suited for you. You can easily resell OVH, SYS, and Kimsufi VPS/Dedicated servers to your clients using our WHMCS OVH module without even informing them. 

Its features are

  • Automatic provisioning
  • ACL Supported
  • Installation Status
  • Power control
  • White Label Email Piping
  • KVM Viewer

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