Top 10 Athletes Who Are Also Gamers

Top 10 Athletes Who Are Also Gamers

Gaming has become popular because it has numerous benefits. There are different video games you can play, depending on your choice. You can even try them at the best online casinos. Also, different video games are developed with a realistic experience. Therefore, the genre has many options and benefits for everyone playing video games. 

You would not expect professional athletes, who must dedicate a considerable part of their life to staying in shape and improving their skills, and being able to get time on the games console or PC, yet there are quite a few of them.

Some of these athletes love to link playing video games with laziness and unhealthy habits. Still, the below-mentioned athletes laugh at that suggestion as they fit their favorite past-time into their busy lives. 

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil is the first athlete who is also a gamer. It was revealed some while ago that he is an avid gamer. He is known to have many skills in games like FIFA. he founded an esports organization which was his way of legitimately forging a path into an industry that he loves the most, just as football.

Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin is one of the top 10 athletes who are also a gamer. Looking at him, you might think that a young footballer like Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin but currently a Sporting  CP player would play a lot of FIFA, and you would be correct, but the Spaniard also loves playing Call Of Duty. 

He loves the game to the extent that he got a tattoo to symbolize his clan with other Spanish players in the Arsenal youth. He said when he first came to England, he used to have a nap, woke up at night, and didn’t have much to do, so he spent most of his time playing COD. 

Erica Bougard

Erica Bourgard is among the top ten athletes who is also a gamer. She is a professional Nike track and field athlete and five times US National indoor/outdoor Champion. She will give you the business because her game of choice is Call of Duty Warzone, and you can catch her going ham on the competition on her Twitch channel. 

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is another athlete that is a gamer, but he might be the IBF world heavyweight champion; few of his fans might not know that he loves playing video games. The Watford fighter is a vast Fifa specialist; he was even a guest at the laugh of the Fifa 16 video game in London. 

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is one of the best at NBA 2k in the league. In 2013, Davis said in an interview that he owned all the versions of the game dating back to 2007 and used the game to prepare for upcoming matchups. Still, it is an excuse to get more gaming before he takes the actual court, but his pregame preparation is not affecting his performance.  

Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell is an American retired mixed martial artist who held the title of the UFC light heavyweight champion. He is widely credited along with fellow UFC fighters called Randy Couture. He helped bring MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment, and he is among the top ten athletes who are also gamers. 

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is among the top ten athletes that are also a gamer. Unfortunately, he could not win Super Bowl 50 in real life. However, he has a good chance the league MVP could get the job done on the virtual gridiron because he is an avid gamer. Newton said that playing real-life football gives him an edge in Madden. 

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo is one of the top ten athletes that loves playing video games. In an interview, Andrea Pirlo said the PlayStation is the best invention after the wheel. And since it exists, he has been in Barcelona, apart from a brief spell way back at the start when he would go to Milan.

Pirlo also said he couldn’t say how many virtual matches he has played over the last few years, but roughly speaking, he said it must be four times the number of the real ones.   

Mike Ross

Mike Ross is also a good gamer who used to play Team Fortress at a competitive level in the UK. Team Fortress is a game based on the Quake engine, and it involves just two players playing several roles in a fast-paced shooter. Ross recently said he no longer plays the game as before, but he is mad about Battlefield 4 and loves playing Star Wars.

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