Title “Vaporwave Room Decor What Is It and How to Get It”

Title: “Vaporwave Room Decor: What Is It and How to Get It”

Decorating your room in an indie style is one of the design trends of the year. There are numerous indie aesthetics, but one way to make your room look indie is to use vaporwave art.

Vaporwave in visual arts is a niche aesthetic that has a dreamy look to it. It often includes images or designs in soft pastels combined with neon colours which give them a kind of blurred quality.

Vaporwave is often characterised by anachronistic elements, such as technology and early web motives, but in this aesthetic they are meant to carry emotions. When you think about it, old Nokia phones and Internet Explorer windows do create a sense of nostalgia these days.

Image Credit: GoPolarisStudio

The name vaporwave actually started as the name of a music genre, as it so often happens with indie aesthetics. The music and visual vaporwave share the same mood, though – soft and dreamy.

When you want to go indie style, don’t remodel and overhaul everything. The same thing that Vogue popularised in fashion works great for your home decor as well: Buy one statement piece from a designer, the rest can be a fairly generic stuff as long as it supports the vibe.

To get the vaporwave mood into your home, the easiest way is to start by getting some wall art. There are tons of posters and digital prints available on Etsy and they all have the same dreamy or otherworldly quality.

Wall art will help to set the tone for your space, but you can also add other items that fit with the vaporwave aesthetic. Good ideas include vintage electronics or furniture. Vaporwave is after all what they call a Y2K aesthetic, it is meant to take you back to around the year 2000.

As with all indie home decor, interesting light fixtures are always a good idea.  Neon lights are a popular choice for vaporwave rooms, as they create that otherworldly quality. You could also get some string lights or fairy lights to add a bit of whimsy to the space.

Another important thing to consider when creating a vaporwave room is the colour scheme. As mentioned, pastel colours are often used in vaporwave. Pastels are beautiful, but they need a more vibrant colour to go with them, otherwise they get boring.

The simplest way to use pastel colours is to pair them with black or grey. This creates a beautiful contrast that is very aesthetically pleasing, and you can’t really go wrong with this combo. You could also use other dark colours – navy blue or burgundy – but pairing those is not as easy.

If you’re looking for the perfect calm aesthetic to help set your toom’s overall mood, then vaporwave is just what you need. With its dreamy tones and chilled-out sound design it will be hard not find yourself feeling relaxed.

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