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Finding a good-quality stationery store in Canada is certainly not an easy task. There are so many stores available out there, making it hard to pick a single one. However, if you are looking for the best stationery store for all your needs, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to the best stationary story in Canada, no other place can beat Blesket Canada. At this place, you can find all the necessary stationery products that you need to re-engage with the world and reboot your imagination.   

Here’s everything you need to know about Blesket Canada and the stationary products that you can get from this stationery store!

Blesket Canada – An Overview

Blesket Canada is a family-owned stationery store located in Brampton, Ontario. Their slogan is simple yet effective, “We Handle More Than Just the Ordinary .”Therefore, they have both physical and online stationery stores, trying to satisfy as many customers as possible. 

The best thing about Blesket Canada is that they have everything. From regular pencils and notebooks to a wide range of fountain pens and bags, Blesket Canada has all the products that you need to become productive and creative. 

To provide the best stationery products possible, Blesket Canada has partnered up with some of the best companies, including Faber Castell, Platinum, Visconti, Pilot, Kaweco, TWSBI, Sailor, Lamy and many more. 

Products Offered by Blesket Canada

Blesket Canada is considered the best stationery store all around Canada because it has everything. This store is loaded with stationary instruments that you need to be productive. Their goal is not to make just sales but to make memories.

Here are some of the product categories that you can get from Blesket Canada:


 Pens and pencils are certainly the most important stationary instruments. If you are looking for a good-quality pen, Blesket Canada is the place for you. This stationary story has all sorts of pen variations, including regular pens, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, and many more.

Most of the time, people throw away their favourite pens just because they were unable to find the refill. However, not anymore. Blesket Canada has all sorts of refills that you can get to use your favourite pen for years to come.

At this stationery store, you can find pens from all of the well-known brands, including 2000 Series, AION, Al-Star, Aldo Domani, Ambition, Century, Conklin, and many more. You can pick any product with a reasonable price tag! 

Ink Bottles

Next, we have the ink bottles and other accessories that you need to work flawlessly. At Blesket, you can find all sorts of ink bottles with a variety of colour options. They only offer the highest-quality pen ink that is worth every single penny.

Just like their pen collection, Blesket Canada has ink bottles from all the famous brands, including Ferris Wheel Press, Faber Castell, Crystal Ink, Cross, Core, and many more. While they have regular ink bottles, you can also get luxurious and fancy bottles as well!

Notebooks & Papers

Another category that deserves a spot on our list is notebooks and pages. Without notebooks, even the best-quality pens are worthless. Therefore, you need to get the best notebook and pages to write down your thoughts and ideas!

Luckily, you can get all types of papers and notebooks at Blesket Canada. They have Lamy Notebooks, Field Notes, SM-LT, Rhodia, Leuchtturm917, and Clairforntane. The papers available at this stationery store are perfect for your regular homework or artistic calligraphy.

As mentioned earlier, Blesket Canada’s goal is to offer more than ordinary to satisfy all your needs. Therefore, they offer wire-bound notebooks, web notebooks, stapled pads, ruled, dotted papers and much more. The quality of all these products is exceptional and worth every single penny!


Last but not least, we have bags and backpacks. Whether you are a student or a teacher, Blesket Canada has got you covered. They offer elegant and eye-catching bags for each and every one. While you can get these items for yourself, they make an excellent gift as well!

At Blesket Canada, you can find wallets, lug bags, mini bags, laptop sleeves, totes, card cases, briefcases, and backpacks. They only offer the highest quality products. With proper care and respect, these bags can certainly last for years.


As you can see, Blesket Canada is the ultimate place for you to satisfy all your needs. This place has everything: from regular pens to luxurious bags. However, the real question is, how can you get your desired items from this stationery store?

Blesket Canada is nothing if not versatile. They have both a physical store and an online one. If you are from Canada or US, you can simply visit their online store to order your desired writing instruments. They ensure fast delivery and secure the package properly to avoid any inconvenience.

Alternatively, suppose you are one of those people who like to visit a stationery store personally to get the best products. In that case, you can simply visit the Blesket Canada stationery store located in Brampton, Ontario. You can also give them a call or check out their social media profiles for more convenience.

Contact Blesket Canada

80 Maritime Ontario Boulevard

Unit #53, Brampton, Ontario

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (416) 823-0855 OR (905) 598-5899

In a Nutshell

With so many stationary stores in Canada, selecting a single store is quite a pickle. Moreover, not all stationary stores might have the things you need. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared and find the best stationery store in Canada that has everything!

Blesket Canada is undoubtedly the best stationery store located in Brampton, Ontario. The best thing about this store is that it has an online store as well. So, instead of travelling, you can simply visit their website to other the writing instrument that you need!

Due to their quick delivery in Canada and the US, you can select this place to buy stationery for yourself or someone else as a gift. Above, we have mentioned their contact info to make it easy for you to place your order!

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