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The Role of Education

Education plays a very crucial role in our lives. It is one of the fundamental necessities in today’s time. We often say “A good education is a foundation for a better future “ therefore receiving and imparting education is the need of the hour.
Education can be gained and exchanged at any age. It starts during our toddler period and can be carried forward throughout our lives. It involves the study of scientific subjects, learning writing and vocal skills, a gain of moral values, habits, and much more. A person who receives an education gets numerous opportunities to grow and excel in life. Literacy automatically provides employment. It helps an individual to attain high-paying jobs. Uneducated people are often deprived of this success in life. It adds sophistication and discipline to human life. scientific us the importance of time and learning. Mannerism and a healthy lifestyle are a part of the lives of educated people.
Teaching plays a very important role in the path of education. It is an occupation that works for providing education to learners. Teaching is a profession that opens the way for all other professions. It acts as a bridge that takes a learner to knowledge. Teaching includes teachers or instructors who aim to provide the best education to the students for their personal and professional growth.
For ages, we are receiving education from old and traditional methods of teaching which is classroom teaching. This method involves imparting education to the students in a fixed physical space and with regular corporal meetups.
But from the last few years, another method of teaching that is online teaching is achieving greater heights. This method, also known as e-learning, is moving at a high pace all across the globe. In simple words, online teaching means providing education via the internet facility. In this process, one teaches and learns using a network and network devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and computers.
There are few types of online teaching. Let’s discuss them.
First is, asynchronous online teaching. In this type, there are no specific class meetings online. Students are provided with the syllabus, contents, and assignments in the form of PPTs recorded lectures, and worksheets.
The second type is synchronous online teaching. In this way, students and instructors meet virtually through various online applications or video calls. Meetups take place according to the length and duration of the syllabus.
The third one is Hybrid teaching. In this method, teachers and students meet in person as well as online for the completion of a specific course or subject.
There are numerous benefits of online learning. It is a very flexible form to learn and grow in life. Online teaching provides better flexibility and convenience. It is time friendly as well as a place friendly. Residing anywhere and completing your desired course can be done with the help of online teaching. Reduction in expenditure, regularity, better communication skills, a
boost in self-confidence, a gain of technical skills, and flexibility are few benefits of online teaching .
The material or content provided by our teachers for studying is known as study material. It is a collection of important stuff required to complete a specific subject or course.
The online teaching process is very particular and properly designed. It has a clear and consistent structure. Students and teachers connect virtually to complete a task. Properly made
study materials are provided to the students. Modules are made on the whole syllabus. There are different modules for different chapters. It includes all the details and important information about the subject. They are attractive and very creatively made. It includes pictures, graphics, and catchy colors that make the study very interesting. Attractive and creative things reduce the difficulty level of the subject as well.
Apart from modules, proper worksheets have been created that include exercises based on the learned topics. From MCQs to detailed questions and answers, everything is covered using these worksheets. These sheets and assignments are discussed in the class as well as are sent to the students individually using respective email addresses.
The study material also includes assessments to check the understanding and performance of the students. These assessments provide conceptual clarity to the students and motivate them to study hard and score well in the future. The students have 24/7 access to the study material provided to them. Proper construction and development of the course on software for online teaching help learners to continue their studies and achieve success in life.
Submitted by : Simran Sabharwal.

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