Exterior Solar Shades

The Main Benefits Of Exterior Solar Shades

When it comes to installing beautiful and functional window treatments in the home or office setting, most people are stuck on the traditional notion of interior window dressings. After all, you wouldn’t hang drapes outside your window.

While you may have considered adding outdoor awnings as a way to reduce the midday glare, you should know that there’s a better option these days. In addition to whatever window treatments you place inside your home or business, you can add exterior solar shades to complement your interior drapes, shades, shutters, or blinds. What benefits will you gain in the process?

Improve Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the best reason to install exterior solar shades is for their ability to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is great for protecting people inside and stopping materials in the path of direct sunlight from fading. More importantly, however, solar shades can significantly reduce heat gain in your home or business facility.

This means that you can more easily regulate the interior temperature to create a comfortable environment for family and friends in the home or for employees and patrons of your business. You won’t have to adjust temperature as frequently in order to maintain a set temperature.

This, in turn, allows for greater energy efficiency. When the high heat of summer hits, you won’t have to pay as much to keep your interior cool with AC. There is some cost upfront to install exterior solar shades, but they’re going to pay off in energy savings in the long run. They’re also designed to withstand the elements, so they’ll deliver added value to your structure for years to come.

Preserve Your View and Your Privacy

The conundrum with window treatments has always been how to enjoy the view while still maintaining your privacy. Solar shades allow for both. From the inside, these shades offer virtually unfettered transparency, depending on the product you choose. They can also appear opaque from the outside, giving you a one-way view while ensuring that passersby can’t see inside.

Even better, you can use solar shades in areas other than windows. If you have a covered deck or patio where you like to spend time, you can hang solar shades around the perimeter to add privacy, preserve the view, and keep your outdoor lounge area cooler when the sun is shining.

Custom Fit

You don’t have to worry about bulky window treatments creating an eyesore and messing up your curb appeal when you install exterior solar shades. These low-profile window treatments can be custom fitted to your windows so they fit perfectly and remain unobtrusive.

Improve Interior Design Options

When you no longer have to worry about outfitting your home interior with window dressings that can combat the sun’s UV rays, you’re free to install stylish drapes, blinds, shades, or shutters that suit your sensibilities and your overall design.

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