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The Hottest Home Decor Trends We’ll Be Seeing This Year

<strong>The Hottest Home Decor Trends We’ll Be Seeing This Year</strong>

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It’s easy to get tired at home without actually doing anything; one day you’re googling flight tickets, the next day you’re on a Philippine online casino trying to get lucky. We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of looking at the same couch over and over again—especially since we’re still spending more time at home. If anything, it’s time for us to get rid of old things and welcome new prospects. With 2022 home decor trends rolling in, these are things we’re eyeing this year. 

1. Arched Furniture Shape

Sharp and bold furniture may never be out of style, but we’re embracing more softened curves around the house. Feminine furniture touches show that furniture is not just a sofa in the living room; it’s an artwork in its own right. Arched and curved shapes turn a rather standard room into an inviting space—one that’s safe, cozy, comfy, and leaves a great first impression thanks to their subtle yet striking features. 

2. Ornamental Cupboards

Shaker cabinets are all the rage nowadays. Simple in design yet aesthetically pleasing, these cabinetries often elevate a kitchen or powder room with elegance and grace. Bringing forth a sense of personalization, cupboards can offer a contemporary look without being over-the-top; opt for a unique style that’s creative and you’ll be able to transform your space with the simplest tricks. 

3. Eco-Conscious Practices

It’s out with the old and in with the new—the new being environmentally friendly. With the world growing greener, homes are gradually upgrading in hopes of reducing carbon footprints. Swapping light bulbs for LED lights, installing solar panels, adding secondary glazing to windows, even using non-toxic primers and paint are getting more and more popular among homeowners. If you wish to start small, begin by planting an indoor garden and gently expanding to an outdoor space. 

4. Abundance of Texture

Whoever said minimalism is boring clearly didn’t know about textures. Adding fun and sophisticated touches to your home, having a variety of textures within your space can instantly upgrade any neutral palette. Think soft velvets, bamboo wicker, wool carpets, and a variety of fabrics. A combination of these textures can easily change a room from tedious to trendy. 

5. French Accents

It’s pretty obvious that we all binge-watched Emily in Paris, and that’s totally okay. In fact, many of us took notes while following Emily on her Parisian adventures. Plenty of homes are embracing French-inspired interiors by incorporating a mix of pastels and metallics. Kaleidoscopic glass and glittering glass crystals are joined hands to spark a dazzling display with natural light. 

6. Lively Lobby

A good first impression is a big deal, which is why we’re paying extra attention to our entryways and lobbies. Since the foyer is the first room your guests see upon entering your home, it’s just as important to make that space inviting to visitors. Feel at liberty to add a classic rug, stack a few books for a vintage vibe, or even throw in a straw basket for a fun welcome. 

7. Natural Touches

With most of us spending more time indoors, people are yearning to bask in the great outdoors. Therefore, this trend only makes sense to bring natural hues into your living space. Natural colors reigned supreme in 2021 and continue to have a lasting effect in 2022. No matter how subtle or striking, these hues bring a sense of warmth into a home, creating a zen environment in muted tones. Think leafy greens, redwood browns, Pacific blues, desert beige, stormy grays/

8. Classic and Retro

We’ve already established that sustainability is in. That being said, buying furniture pieces from secondhand stores has transformed plenty of homes into a retro residence. Ethereal without fail and always in style, classic furniture is something you can never go wrong with. This year, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Expect to see a lot of vintage pieces in modern homes. Don’t be afraid of digging into your storage unit—find old furniture and bring them back to life, 2022 style. 

9. Bringing the Outdoors Indoor

Mid-century modern architecture revolutionized interior design with outdoor-indoor living. And despite having different architectural styles, many are choosing to add similar features to their home. Adding patios, installing floor-to-ceiling windows, and building an outdoor kitchen are now becoming a priority to many homeowners. Being connected to the outdoors has never been this necessary, and no one’s hesitating to take steps in that direction.  

10. Splash of Colors

This year, instead of adding color pillows on your sofa, we’re switching our focus to tableware. Colorful tablescaping is becoming a common practice in households—eclectic combinations of different kitchenware collections are attracting people in the thousands. The best thing about this trend is that you can easily add to your collection without worrying about purchasing the same item. Mix-and-matching is the key to nailing this home decor trend.

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