The Benefits Of Getting A Spray Tan

It’s no secret that color plays a big part in how confident we feel and how we see ourselves. We dress in colors that are complementary to our skin tone. We dye our hair in different colors to feel put together. We use makeup to add color to our faces and improve our complexions. And we look and feel healthier when we have a golden glow to our skin. However, with all the negative side effects associated with sun exposure and tanning beds, many people are opting for safer alternatives like spray tanning. 

Now before you start conjuring images of orange Oompa Loompas dancing in your head, it’s important to know that technology has played a big role in advancing the look of spray tans. Gone are the days of the streaky orange look.  There are so many more options available from looking lightly sun-kissed, to more of a bronzed goddess vibe. Keep reading to learn more about spray tanning and its benefits.

Toned Appearance

Adding a little color to your skin can go a long way to help camouflage those trouble areas. People who received a spray tan in Austin reported a reduced appearance of stretch marks, dimples, and other body imperfections. Additionally, a golden hue highlights muscle definition giving your body a more toned and slim-looking appearance. This creates the effect of having flawless skin and a perfectly toned body and who doesn’t want that.


With the least favorite areas of your body camouflaged and the best parts highlighted, it can be a huge confidence boost.  It’s far easier to love the skin you’re in when it’s working for you. With the new advancements in spray tanning, it’s easier than ever to get the perfect shade of gold that will make you feel like the goddess you are. And when you feel great on the outside, you feel great on the side. 


It used to be that to gain a sun-kissed look, you had to sacrifice your skin’s moisture and hydration, risking damage. Today’s blow dry bars and salons offer a wide range of spray tan products to perfectly suit your individual needs. So whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or anything in between, you can guarantee that you will get the tan as you want, without irritating your skin. 


If you only want to look like you’ve been lightly touched by the sun, you may be surprised to find that you can get that look with a sunless spray tan. Gone are the days when a sunless tan meant orange. For the best customizable, natural-looking, sunless spray tan in Austin, visit the professionals at Parlor Beauty Bar, and they will walk you through their Signature Spray Tan, and their Rapid Rinse Spray Tan both designed with your unique needs in mind.

Now that you understand the advances spray tanning has made in recent years, it’s time to get looking on the outside, as great as you feel on the inside. Highlight the best your natural beauty has to offer with the best customizable sunless spray tan in Austin from Parlor Beauty Bar.

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