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The 5 Marketing Tactics You Should Know About

Marketing can be your greatest tool, but it can also lead to the downfall of your business when improperly executed. Campaigns pop up from here and there, bringing awareness to new offerings or businesses that are looking to make it into the industry.

This is why marketing is a big deal for companies: it is the face and reputation of a company that consumers will see, and companies would always want to put their best foot forward. Viral marketing can reap a ton of benefits when it is received well, but it can also mean the end of your business if not.

However, playing it safe with traditional marketing can be rewarding, but traditional marketing can be ignored as the campaign might not entice consumers who look for exciting, novel ideas in companies. Here are 3 marketing strategies that are both unique and effective, yet have been proven to work again and again for companies:

1.  Promotional Products

Promotional products can be handed out as a form of traditional marketing that consumers typically like. Who doesn’t love receiving free items from time to time, especially products that have a practical use around the house? However, promotional products tend to be boring as well, which can reduce the brand retention in the minds of consumers.

Steer clear of the usual promotional products that are overused by companies: keychains, cheap flashlights, plastic bags, and office supplies that don’t work well. You want your consumers to keep using these products so they can remember your brand well. Go for practical products like private label bottled water, useful notepads, and phone stands.

Consider products that people use daily, such as lanyards. However, promotional
products have a strong impact on brand awareness. Modern keychains are one of the
best products you can see in everyone’s hands. To improve your marketing strategy,
use advanced types of customised lanyards from top-rated online stores like
4inlanyards. Using the right and high-quality products can significantly improve your
marketing level.

These products have the best chances in getting consumers to remember your brand. Promotional products are often thought of as a cheap way to rake in more customers, but it is actually a meticulously planned campaign that gets consumers to remember your brand as they continue to use your giveaways. You need to present your brand as essential, after all.

2.  Stunt Promotions

Back in 2006, a sunglasses and visors company offered 4 million dollars to outfit the presidential heads on Mount Rushmore with replicas of their products. The offer was ignored by the state of South Dakota, of course, but the impact of their publicity stunt turned heads at the ridiculous idea of placing sunglasses on one of the United States’ most well-known structures.

Stunt promotions are risky, as they are often subject to ridicule, but as in the case of visor maker ProShade, their risk reaped huge rewards. Marketers often refer to their case as a successful one, and it is an example of how stunt promotions can bring in the most awareness for a brand – no matter how ridiculous the campaign can be.

3.  Community Engagement

Are you wholesome or snarky? The way you communicate with your audience says a lot about your company, and it can be a make it or break it moment once your company goes online. Community engagement can be turned into marketing, depending on what kind of personality you give your brand. The right tone of a brand is a must have to enhance its value proposition. Most of entrepreneurs who is in the course of creating a brand often worries about value proposition of branding and community engagement. You can easily start this through a simple internet search “what is a value proposition template?

While most companies strive to maintain a wholesome attitude, others are snarky on purpose. Wendy’s has made their statement as a snarky brand with an attitude – as seen in their Twitter account. While the Twitter account does not speak for the entire company, it did not stop consumers from getting charmed by the fast food mascot, which led to increased sales.

4.  Digital Reels

Nowadays, companies are going online for their marketing campaigns. Companies often hire social media managers for their socmed accounts, and advertising digitally is much cheaper than traditional forms of media.

Reels have become a norm for consumers as they go on social media. TikTok, Instagram, and even Facebook opened up opportunities for accounts, including company accounts, to post their reels online at no fees. Reels are automatically shown on the newsfeed of consumers who have similar interests, so you immediately show up in the feeds of prospective customers!

5.  Hidden in Plain Sight

Remember those KitKat benches around public parks a few years back? And who could forget the Frontline ad for flea prevention that was plastered on the entire floor of a mall to make passersby a part of the ad (as the fleas)? These kinds of guerilla marketing are continuously talked about even long after their promotional period has ended, making them successful.

Ads hidden in plain sight are great for attention, but they may not translate to sales. Always consider what type of ad you’re looking to run, and how you think your audience will react to these ads.

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