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Some Common Things To Be Aware Of If You Are Struggling To Conceive

Some Common Things To Be Aware Of If You Are Struggling To Conceive

Watching your family and friends start and grow their families one kid after another while you are still struggling to get pregnant just once can bring out a myriad of emotions. Some of the most common emotions are loneliness, frustration, and even anger. If you are struggling to start your family due to your body not cooperating, please know that you are not alone. One in eight women struggle with infertility, and although that number shows you how common infertility is, that fact probably will not help you feel any better that your plans to grow your family are not happening the way you had hoped they would. There are some things that many women are not aware of as they face infertility that we would like to share with you. 

You May Not Be Ovulating 

The first thing to recognize is that your body is not broken. Positive energy is truly life changing. Just because your body may not be doing what you want it to do, at the exact moment that you want it to, does not mean that your body is broken. Our bodies are truly amazing and can do so many incredible things for us. Try to shift your thoughts to all the good your body does. The most important part of getting pregnant is to make sure you know when your body is ovulating. A very common issue for many women who are facing infertility is PCOS. This is a syndrome that causes your body to either not ovulate at the correct time, or to have poor quality eggs. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, meaning that it varys in lengths, it is possible that you may have PCOS. The good news is that even women with PCOS can get pregnant! 

Try tracking your cycle. The easiest way to do this is to use a simple free phone app calendar to track your periods. In between each period, use ovulation strips. You can get a big box for pretty cheap on amazon. They are pee strip tests, and these will tell you when your body is ovulating. Every woman’s body is different so it is important to be familiar with your individual body and not pay attention to “the average woman’s cycle.”

Integrative Health Clinics

When someone gets in their mind that they are infertile, the only options that seem to come to their mind is adoption or IVF. Those two options are both incredibly expensive that the majority of couples cannot afford, not to mention both options have huge risks and are very emotional processes. What some women fail to realize is that there is always another option. That option is to take a holistic approach by using an integrative health clinic. At these types of facilities, doctors will be able to look into your specific situation and lifestyle and can usually figure out what is causing your infertility, and can remedy the root cause. Oftentimes, it may take a little bit longer to heal your body in order to get pregnant, but these clinics are far less risky, and have life long lasting effects. They are also much more affordable than a traditional fertility clinic and IVF treatments. 

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