SEO Strategies 2022 You must follow in the year 2022 


The Full Form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process where a website, pages, article or post rank in an organic way on a search engine. The ranking depends on many factors like Keywords, Content Quality, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO (Backlinks), Domain Age of website etc. 

What is SEO?

SEO -Search Engine Optimization is the number of quality and how many quantities of traffic comes to a website, web pages in an organic way from a search engine rather than paid traffic or direct view of web pages or websites through social media etc. organic traffic is countable when traffic comes from by searching Keywords or topics, Image, Video or queries from search engines to a website. 

Search Engine Optimization is held so that a website owner or website can get more traffic or views from search engines when their web pages or websites rank on the Search Engine Results Page SERP by this they can also get their targeted audiences. 

What is an SEO strategy?

Search Engine Optimization Strategy is the process to rank a website, Articles or webpages to rank in Search Engine Results Page SERP. It is very necessary to understand SEO strategy in this competitive world to be connected with your targeted audiences like lots of competition you will find in almost every keyword you can find several websites or web pages already available on Search Engine which you plan to work on so it is very hard to beat the competitors you have to do keywords research thoroughly. If you understand Search Engine Optimization then you can work continuously in your particular field. 

SEO Strategy

Top 10 SEO Strategies You must follow in the year 2022

1) Image Enhancement

  • According to SEMRush, “image processing will play an important role in search.” This means that if the images on your website are not modified, be sure to prepare them.
  • Remember to use high-quality images, appropriate images, and the appropriate label for your photo file.
  • Add images to your site map for spiders to crawl. Also, using alt tags will help crawlers to sort images easily.
  • Note: If the image cannot be uploaded to the user’s screen, alt-text is displayed on the web page.
  • Google uses alt-text to understand content from images.
  • Image enhances the quality of your web page and also helps in user engagement. Also, optimizing the image can help your web page become more visible

2) Using Schema Markup

  • According to Searchmetrics, “36.6% of search keywords show up at least inserted captions based on schema cracks.”
  • Many marketers believe that the schema tag is an important opportunity to rank your web page on the first SERP page.
  • Copy schema microdata has been added to the website to help Google return relevant results to searchers. Suppose you use rich captions, you will know what schema markup is all about.
  • A schema tag is used to describe website content.
  • Some examples of schema markup are
    Ratings and reviews
    Image icon
    Product availability
    Site links

Voice search will affect search queries by 2021. According to, in the United States of America, 55 per cent of households will have their smart speaker by 2022. If you plan to improve voice search, follow the below mentioned steps:

Consider choosing smart keywords

Always remember to create personalized content

Create web pages that answer frequently asked questions because when searchers ask a question, they start their question with words like “when”, “what”, and “who”.

According to Forbes, voice search greatly enhances user self-awareness. 

Google Voice Search shows websites loading instantly. You should always make sure that:

Your website has a responsive design

Website images improved

Always choose keywords with a long tail

The site is loading for a limited amount of time

Your server’s response time is low

  • Suppose a marketer aims to focus on an effective long-term SEO strategy, links to build quality cannot be ignored.
  • In 2016, Google announced that building quality links are one of their top 3 brands.
  • Always choose quality over quantity, as building quality links to your content can give your product and category pages strength in the SERPs.
  • Let me share a few practical tips as they will increase the number of links that point to your website amazingly:
  • Obtain backlinks from relevant and authorized web pages
  • Promote your content regularly on social media
  • Choose guest blogging and influence marketing
  • Make good use of social media
  • Reach your intended audience through online forums
  • Attract your target audience by providing them with relevant content

5) Google EAT Principles

  • According to Google, “Content quality is an important factor in the ranking of search engine results pages”.
  • But what does “quality” mean on Google?
  • In simple terms, content that complements the Google EAT policy will be higher, while EAT stands for professionalism, authority, and reliability. 
  • For example, Google Panda is one of the most popular algorithms that rank websites based on content quality. Removes web pages from indexes with low and duplicate content.
  • Another example is the RankBrain algorithm. RankBrain uses AI to translate search queries into Google’s audience.
  • For example, if you search the chocolate cake recipes, you will also find the results of the chocolate truffle cake recipes on the search engine results page.
  • Google panda and RankBrain send spiders to crawl websites and, as a result, display high-quality search results content at the top of the search engine results page.
  • Adds these results to the top part of the page. Google systematically selects the best response from a third party website and displays it in featured captions.
  • Some of the most important ways to improve the captioned are:
  • Organize your content in an orderly fashion
  • Make sure that one article answers many of the same questions
  • Choose attractive photos
  • Choose to create responses with tables
  • Write articles provided to respond to captions included, such as “Is alcohol harmful to health?”

7) Local Search List

  • Local SEO is focused on expanding websites from SERPs somewhere. Improving local SEO drives website optimization and more conversions as the strategy is more relevant to local audiences.
  • According to Google, “Local results are based on relevance, distance, and prominence. These features help Google find the most relevant search results for you.” For this reason, your NAP information must be accurate and consistent.
  • SEMRush confirms that “Local Search Lists Will Play Great Role In SEO Strategies.” Suppose you plan to put your business in that local package, go to the Google My Business page and create your own.
  • For example, in a keyword such as “chocolate cake,” semantically related keywords can be chocolate recipes and chocolate truffle recipes.
  • Semantic keywords have a high impact on website ranking. We link them to keywords and help you find relevant traffic on the Search Engine Results Page.
  • Also, you can check the Google SERP for LSI keywords.

9) Improved user experience

  • Over the past few years, UX has become an important feature of Google.
  • To understand the concept simply, consider Search Engine Interaction and User Experience as follows: SEO emphasizes search engines, while UX focuses on website visitors. 
  • Let’s share a few tips on how to effectively use UX design to improve site SEO performance:
  • Make your site navigation easier
  • Improve UX Design for SEO-appropriate structures (such as making content easier to digest, Focusing on images and videos where possible, use CTAs wisely)
  • Configure Site Upload, select a responsive design, as more than 50% of all traffic is currently driven by mobile search. If your site does not respond to mobile phones, you will notice poor user interaction

10) Update Old Content

  • While you may be busy creating new content, you can not ignore a review of your old content. This is an important SEO strategy for 2022. If you publish only new content, your old content will be out of the map and useless. 
  • One of the easiest ways to go back and refresh old content is to do a link check. Find and repair expired external links. This not only improves your user experience but also keeps you from being penalized by Google.
  • Go back and review your internal links again. As you create new content, do not forget to return the appropriate old content and add links to this new post. This tells Google that there is a relationship between these pages, and it will help Google identify your new pages faster while helping your posts rank higher with relevant search queries.

Conclusion :

Search Engine Optimization SEO strategy is very important to understand for every content creator so that they can rank their respective posts on the Search Engine Results Page. It is very necessary to know about Keywords Competition, User experience, creating quality backlinks, Featured Snippet for Ranking Factors.

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