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Rora of BABYMONSTER | A Quick Look At Her Net Worth, Age, Nationality & More. 

Rora of BABYMONSTER | A Quick Look At Her Net Worth, Age, Nationality & More. 

Rora is a South Korean vocalist and dancer expected to make her debut with the girl group BABYMONSTER under YG Entertainment. She is 14 years old and is the second youngest of the seven members of the group. Rora is passionate about making her debut and wishes to be the best in the Kpop industry.   

“I want to become an artist that shines bright on stage like my name,” said Rora in her latest interview with YG. The article comprises information from sources like KProfiles, the BABYMONSTER YouTube channel, and Hallyu Idol

How much is Rora’s Net worth

The details of her net worth have not been revealed as of March 2023. 

Biography & early life

Before Rora became a trainee at YG, she was in a kid’s girl group called U.SSO Girl, as U.ha, and she made an appearance in the show called Man Vs Child in 2018. 

At the age of 10 years, she was called for an interview with YG and decided to proceed as a trainee for the girl group BABYMONSTER.

YG’s Executive producer, Yang Hyun Suk, gave her the name ‘Rora’ as he believed she could become an artist that shines bright like an aurora

Stage NameRora
Real NameLee Dain
ProfessionVocalist, Dancer
Date of BirthAugust 14, 2008
Birth PlaceKorea
Age (As of March 2023)14 years
Height5’5’’ (164 cm)
Marital StatusSingle

Family & relationships

Her family is believed to comprise her parents and a younger brother, but details are not yet revealed. 

Journey with YG

The journey with YG starts with the first Audition and then is followed by multiple evaluations as she continues her training. 

First Audition

In May 2018, Rora adorably performed the song “Roller coaster” by Chungha

In the same year, she sang Havana by Camilla Cabello for the voice audition. She was embarrassed when asked about the first evaluation as she forgot the lyrics and was mumbling some words by the end of it. 

As soon as the audition was over, Rora was crying as she felt bad, but the evaluators cheered her up for having such great vocals. 

Evaluation performances


  • In June 2020, she sang Adele’s song “When we were young”, and in September of the same year, she sang “This Love” by Camilla Cabello. The evaluators commented that her voice deserves 100 points when considering her young age. 
  • Rora performed “I’m out” by Ciara on the evaluation stage in the October 2020 evaluation. 


  • Rora performed “If you let me” by Sinead Harnett for her evaluation in February 2021 and, Yang Hyun Suk was surprised by her ability to express emotions when she sang. 
  • Vocal trainer Kang So-Jung said, “Rora already had a full voice, and her sounds ring very nicely too.”

She believes that it’s important to interpret the meaning of the songs when singing. She tries to understand the songs by focusing on the facial expressions of the artists, gestures, and the song’s atmosphere.  

  • Dance trainer Lee Jung mentioned that “she’s the one that improved the most during the two years I’ve trained them.”
  • Rora did a charming performance of Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” with her trainees in October 2021. 


YG announced that the members will be facing a last evaluation before their debut. Rora and the rest of the six trainee members had a special session under the mentorship of Jennie from BLACKPINK

Social Media

Currently, she has no personal Social media accounts. But one of her live performances is available on YouTube

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