Nonexplosive battery
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Nonexplosive battery

lithium battery explosion on stress test
lithium battery explosion on battery stress test

Lithium-ion batteries have become a common thing in our life without us knowing it. We use them in our electronic devices that we use in daily basis without fully aware of them. These battery-powered devices are making our day-to-day life easy silently. But there is a dark side too. The problem is they can be explosives also.

How rare is battery explosion

Battery fires / Battery explosions are rare. How rare you may ask? It’s one in ten million.

Every company do their battrery stress tests. They all tell one thing, Do not mess with batteriers !

But with Billions of batteries made in a year the risks are higher than you think. Lithium-ion batteries not only use in smartphones & laptops but also in electric cars & e-bikes and various other devices use go rapidly. And in the future we more likely to see more use of Lithium-ion batteries.

For example there are lot of leading automobile companies introducing various models of Electric vehicles (EV), day by day,

  • Autowatts
  • ABB
  • Canoo
  • ChargePoint
  • Lucid Motors
  • Tesla
  • Rad Power Bikes
  • Revel
  • Witricity
EV charging

What can cause battery an explosion?

Most of Lithium-ion battery explosions and fires happens because of a problem of short circuiting. These explosions happens when the plastic separator fails and lets the anode and cathode touch. And when those two get together, the chemicals inside the battery starts to overheat. This causes further degradation of the separator. The battery may eventually hit temperatures of more than 1,000° F. At that point the flammable electrolyte can ignite and even explode when exposed to the oxygen in the air. The process can take place in just milliseconds. Technical term for this is thermal runaway

How a lithium iron battery explode

In 2016 SAMSUNG recalls 2.5million smartphones due to sevearal reports of fires. It leads to $5.3 Billion (£4.3bn) in losses.

Battery explosions no more!

Amionx is a company that sees this Lithium-ion battery explosion problem, and creates a better solution.

Amionx invented a technology called ‘Safecore’ It’s a fuse that goes within the battery cell itself

Jenna King, CEO Amionx, Inc

SafeCore adds an additional layer within the battery in order to prevent explosion. If the battery colapes SafeCore creates a physcical gap to slow the flow of electricty.

Bullet tested SafeCore Lithium-ion battery by Amioxan. Inc

source ; http://insider battery explode

SafeCore battery technology makes current battery designs safer and enables breakthroughs in new design and battery chemistries.

In some cases, up to 70% of the weight of a battery pack in an electric vehicle can be in the steel encasement that contains the lithium batteries. This heavy encasement helps protect the battery cells from abuse and the driver in the event of thermal run away. SafeCore can enable a safer, lighter pack design, which can mean a longer range.

Amionx is a spinout from American Lithium Energy (ALE). ALE manufactures custom batteries for military applications. ALE received a grant from the Department of Energy, ARPA-E program to study the ability to create a battery pack that was so safe for electric vehicles that it could be used as part of the protection system for the driver. This funding, combined with ALE’s work with the U.S. Army to create a bullet-safe battery, is what led to the creation of SafeCore.

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