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Meet Neil Harbisson World First Cyborg The Man Who Hears Color

Who is Neil Harbisson?

Neil Harbisson is best known for being the world’s first person to have an antenna implemented in his head. He was born with a rare visual condition called “achromatopsia,” total color blindness.

Neil doesn’t know what colors look like because he has never seen colors. He explained that as he came from a grayscale world, he considers the world to be a black and white vision.

Why is Neil Harbisson a cyborg?

In 2004 he implanted an antenna into his skull, which allowed him to retune color senses. Neil Harbisson is a cyborg who hears more of the world than we see. He doesn’t feel any difference between the antenna’s software and his brain and other parts of his body, and it makes him a cyborg.

 Neil Harbisson at Ted Talks
Neil Harbisson at Ted Talks

How long has Neil Harbisson had his color vision?

Neil never had a color vision. But after 2004 implanting a color sensor antenna into his skull he can hear colors.

Neil Harbisson Antenna, how does it work?

The electronic eye from his antenna detects the color frequency in front of him and sends that frequency to a chip installed back of his head. He listens to the color frequency through the bone, and he detects the color via the bone conduction frequency.

When is Neil Harbisson’s birthday?

Neil Harbisson’s birthday is the 27th of July 1984. Neil is a Spanish-born British-Irish cyborg artist and activist for trans species rights.

Neil Harbisson Net Worth

According to our analysis Forbes & Business Insider, Neil Harbisson net worth is approximately $1.5 Million as 2022.

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