NCERT preference for class 11 English

NCERT, shortened form for National Council Of Educational Research And Training, is an autonomous institute set up by the Government to facilitate quality schooling across all CBSE affiliated schools in India.

This institute provides numerous facilities and provisions under the education sector like deciding the framework for curriculum, syllabus, and publishing along with a regular revision of textbooks that serve as the prime source of education in a major chunk of schools.

Both teachers and students know the significance of NCERT books as they serve as the basis of all annual examinations to come. Despite the increase of varied high-selling references for varied subjects, NCERT is still considered supreme to build on basics that will them to be prepped up for the exams.

Especially in the case of language subjects like English, students tend to sway from these original texts to guides by the time they touch 11th std, but over-dependence on these books without a side-by-side look on NCERT and curriculum might prove unfavorable for some.

NCERT shall be preferred over all other books by Class 11 especially for English subject, and the following points will help to back up this statement and that too fail-proof :

1.          Based upon the Syllabus:

All NCERT books are designed in a way that they offer proper and apt knowledge about the concepts and topics that form the syllabus for all academic years. Since these books are provided by the institute that decides the curriculum framework for each and every year, it would be wise to stick to their prescribed books to be aware of all the basics of the subject that further enables you to be aware of all updates regarding any addition of new concepts or deletion of the existing ones.

It is advisable for students of the 11th standard to have an idea of the content of reference books but that too is just for comparing it with the NCERT text, assessing it, and making an even better summary for yourself. Poems, stories, and enlarged texts shall be read thoroughly from the English NCERT book to make sure you don’t miss out on any new content added or existing ones deleted, and stick to context while creating your own point of view with help of NCERT solutions.

2. Time saver:

The English text of the 11th standard consists of three books namely the Hornbill, Snapshots (a supplementary reader), and Woven Words (an elective course). If you see the size and width of the books, you’ll be pretty happy as a reader since these are so light and compact-sized compared to the books of other subjects in the same standard.

The compact size of the book, which includes all vast stories and poems that have a tinge of adulthood attached to it, makes it a real-time-saver for the students. Especially during the time when students feel it difficult to cope up with the vast syllabus of 11th standard in comparison to their previous years’ classes, English subject, and the affiliated NCERT textbooks makes it easier for them to pace up with the ongoing classes and lessons of all the subjects.

The other fact that makes these books a time saver is that the chapters and the poems mentioned here are pretty interesting and involve a taste of real-world to them. Obviously interesting texts are finished in no time, in fact, such amusing stories touch a person to the core and thus, help students to conveniently understand and analyze its meaning (for both exam as well as life purposes!).

3. Informative text with questions marked for each and every chapter:

This is one of the biggest perks of all NCERT books irrespective of the subject or the class to which it refers. Talking specifically about the English textbook, it begins every chapter in an informative way. Every story or poem begins with a subtle description of the author or the poet along with a brief summary of the upcoming text.

This brief explanation is followed by the actual text which comprises an easy and clear vocabulary and language to help students to understand the text in a much meaningful way. The text doesn’t end here, it is followed by a series of questions and exercises (in some cases) to let the student judge his or her level of clarity attained.

 Most of the time, the questions referred to therein are the most popular question of the final examinations and include many previous years’ questions alongside. These questions shall be carefully analyzed and resolved. One can definitely take the help of NCERT solution reference to add on to his or her knowledge.

4. Precise and accurate:

As mentioned earlier, the NCERT English books for class 11 are compact in size and consist of text which is highly accurate and precise. The books in the syllabus, namely Hornbill, Snapshots, and Woven Words (for the elective course) are undoubtedly the lightest books in the bag of students studying in class 11.

Like its size, its content is also very refined and precise. These effective texts work upon the reading, writing, and analyzing skills of the students. It consists of those stories which help the adolescents to open their minds to real-life situations and offers the courage to face the actual world. These stories try to convince the budding great minds to believe in themselves. Chapters like “Albert Einstein At School”  or “We’re Not Afraid To Die…If We Can All Be Together” and many others are good examples to prove the aforementioned statements.

5. Simple:

The simplicity and the straightforwardness of the text make it worth a glance for the readers. The students might not understand the depth of the text since they reach out to it as a task that needs to be completed before final examinations, but if they read it out without any stress or deadlines in mind this text is surely something that will bring them to peace and inspire them to live their life to the fullest!

So, these are some of the highly admired and noted advantages of NCERT English books for class 11.

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