MrBeast's I Ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza Video review.

MrBeast’s “I Ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza” | Video review.

MrBeast and his team like to spend more money on food. In this video, you can see how they spend nearly a hundred thousand dollars in a single day to enjoy different kinds of meals. Here is a brief review of the “I ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza” video.

Video Title

“I Ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza.”

Highlights of “I Ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza.”

Eating one of the most expensive golden pizzas in the world.

Uploaded date

March 1, 2020

What is “I Ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza” about?

MrBeast starts the video by eating a $1 pizza followed by a $2 hot dog, $8 burger, $16 chicken wings, and $64 golden wings. Karl and Chandler joined Jimmy to taste a $125 milkshake and $250 grilled cheese

After that, David, Natalie, and Jason joined the MrBeast team to experience a $2000 steak, and they rated it out of ten. 

Then MrBeast, Chandler, and Chris tasted heritage pork famous in North Carolina. Both Chris and Chandler enjoy the pork meal but not Jimmy. He was fed up after spending 3000 dollars for that. 

Then they went with Cavier made from Tuna. Chris likes it very much. He says, “It tastes like the ocean is swimming in my mouth,” as it is very salty. According to MrBeast, the three thousand dollar pork, five thousand dollar tacos, and six thousand dollar short ribs were not as good as he thought, and he feels like he wasted money on them. 

Then they are ready to taste the $70,000 golden pizza a private chef makes.  Generally, those types of expensive pizzas are prepared for billionaires. They had the Pizza on their table and started with Chris, who is crazier for food than Jimmy and Chandler. 

Chris reveals that any other moment will be better than this in his life. Finally, they received the bill and were shocked after seeing the total cost of the Pizza, is 76212.50 dollars. 

After that, they decided to donate $ 20,000 to a food bank to not be wasteful like them. That’s the worst joke that you can ever see on earth.

MrBeast and his friends are eating a $70,000 Golden Pizza.

Notable timestamps

  • 0.22 – MrBeast eats a one-dollar pizza
  • 0.52 – Eating 64-dollar golden wings by MrBeast and Chandler
  • 1.12 – Feel the taste of a 125-dollar milkshake
  • 1.52 – Eating a 250-dollar drilled cheese by MrBeast, Chandler, and Karl. 
  • 2.05 – MrBeast received a text message from David Dobrik
  • 3.14 – David Dobrik, Natalie, and Jason joined the video. 
  • 5.24 – Chris is back
  • 11.28 – Chris tasted the 70,000 dollars golden pizza. 

People who appeared on “I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza.”

MrBeast with his friends in I Ate a $70,000 Golden Pizza Video

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