MrBeast's 100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek Video review

MrBeast’s “100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek” | Video review

MrBeast plays an extreme hide and seeks game with 100 subscribers of his channel, risking $ 1 million. Here is a brief review of the “100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek” video. 

Video Title

100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek!

Highlights of “100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek”

MrBeast risked $ 1 Million for video. 

Uploaded date

Sep 4, 2022

What is “100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek” about?

MrBeast got 100 of his subscribers and gave them $10,000. He rented one of the largest malls in the world (American Dream Mall, New Jersey) and locked them inside for the next 10 hours.

He will hunt them, and if they can survive, they can keep $10,000; otherwise, they will lose money. 

As time starts, everyone hides in the mall in various places. They have a tripod on hand and record what they are doing. MrBeast and his friends begin to seek them. Within 4 hours, they found 22 persons.

A SWAt team joined to seek contestants at 5.00 am. If they find someone, they can keep half of the money. They found ten people

The mall has been open to the public for the last 30 minutes before the game is over. At that time still, 23 people to find. At the end of the match, 23 contestants could keep $ 10,000

winners of the game 100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek

Notable timestamps 

  • 0.43 – Find the first person
  • 2.11 – Join Marques Brownlee and Sapnap
  • 5.12 – A SWAT team joined to find contestants
  • 9.46 – 30 people remaining 
  • 10.56 – MrBeast caught two contestants and let them go because it was 15 minutes remaining to take them $ 10,000.

People who appeared on 100 Person Extreme Hide & Seek

Marques Brownlee, MrBeast and Sapnap

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