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Missions in Halo infinite: Halo Infinite Mission List

Halo Infinite’s campaign is divided into several missions, and players can find all of them in this short guide.
While the length of missions varies, they can still determine how far a player is in this first-person shooter.

Fans who locate their current quest in a chronological quest list will have a good idea of how far they need to go before completing the game, and that’s something some players will want to do.
Helping with that effort is the precise purpose of this guide, and the missions in Halo infinite are listed below.
However, before we get into that list, it’s worth noting that story missions in Halo Infinite are not replayable at the time of writing.
Developer 343 Industries has indicated that this will change over time, though a release window for a mission replay feature has yet to be revealed.
As such, fans who are playing the campaign close to its release should only get one shot at each of the following missions per game.

Halo Infinite Can You Replay Story Missions?

Halo Infinite’s campaign launched on December 8 without a feature that made previous games endlessly accessible: the ability to replay individual story missions. It’s a shame because Halo Infinite levels are a lot of fun to play, but there’s only one way to do it, which is to start a new game.

World environment in Halo Infinite

The complication comes from the semi-open world environment in Halo Infinite. Although all missions occur in a linear order, some require the player to travel through different world regions to clear a specific sequence of areas. The good news is that Halo Infinite The map is open for most of the game: once you’ve cleared an area or completed a story mission, you can go back to exploring.

Story missions
It’s just that the story missions don’t trigger. In some cases, this means that hidden items can be found in these areas. After a task, it is not valid for all missions.

Specifically, Halo Infinite The first two missions occur in Zeta Halo, and there’s no way to return to these areas once you’re done. That means any missing collectibles will be inaccessible unless you start a new game to replay those quests. Skulls will remain locked to the account, so they won’t disappear when a new save is started. But for those replaying missions outside of the first two, it means replaying the full game in order.

Halo Infinite Mission List

  1. Gbraakon warship: The Master Chief awakens and is ready for battle.
  2. Foundation: are looking for an AI to help us in our next battle
  3. Tremonius Outpost: John gains control of the base from one of the villains.
  4. Tower: The Master Chief manages to infiltrate the strange facility that stands before us.
  5. Excavation site: The Banished has a secret site where they appear to be carrying out some important activity.
  6. Needle: We are looking for an AI to help us in our next battle.
  7. Pelican down: Before going for the other Towers, we will have to take flight.
  8. Sequence: John and Arma seek to rebuild software that will allow access to the control tower.
  9. Nexus: It’s possible that from here, we can find access to the damned tower that threatens all of Halo Zeta.
  10. The conning tower: Now we have a real chance to stop the enemy’s plans.
  11. Repository
  12. The way: Is it a trap if you walk into it voluntarily?
  13. House of Judgment: Our archenemy awaits us in a place full of surprises.
  14. Silent auditorium: It’s time to settle the conflict in Halo Zeta.

As for how long it will take players to complete these 14 missions, it is stated that a match that focuses almost exclusively on the main story will take approximately 10 hours.
That said. The length of Halo Infinite can be increased considerably by taking on the game’s various secondary objectives, which include FOB bases, banished outposts, and high-value targets.

Spending close

Players engaging with all of that optional content can find themselves spending close to 40 hours with the campaign.
However, this is only one side of the coin, as Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode offers an entirely different opportunity for players to spend time in the game.
While there are currently some concerns about the status of the title’s multiplayer, the developer has been forthcoming about its plans to address some issues.
If those plans eventually satisfyingly come to fruition, there’s no telling how long fans will play this game.


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