Everything You Need to Know about Michel Janse

Everything You Need to Know about Michel Janse


Who is Michel Janse?

Michel Janse is an American actress who has appeared in a few movies recently. Even if you are not a fan of Hollywood movies, you might know about her as an influencing character who is active on YouTube as well as other social media. She recently got married, and her divorce was controversial news. This article will explain Michel Janse biography, relationships, social media, and her career and net worth. If you are a fan

Michel Janse Biography

Michel Janse was born on 19th March 1997, and she is 25 years old now. She spent her childhood at Boerne, where she was born. Michel got her education in Texas, but she has not revealed the names of her schools and universities.

The YouTube-based actress is a Graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics at ASU. When considering her food habits, she is a non-vegetarian who also brings her experience through her social media videos as well. Michel Janse height is 5′ 7″ (1.7 m)l, and it was a good reason to become an actress.

Family and relationships

Michel has not revealed anything about her father and mother or even her siblings. More importantly, the only thing she reveals is only about her husband. She is a character who protects her privacy most of the time.

The star was a famous character for a long time in social media and Hollywood due to her work on several platforms. But she had not dated anyone until she married Brooke Smith. What she was looking for was a committed and dedicated relationship which she thought to be getting from Brooks. However, it ended up being a divorce. Michel’s birth sign is Pisces.


There are two dedicated careers for Michel, as an actress and an influencer who is popular on social media. However, Michel’s education has not helped her with her career as she has got a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has been acting since 2015. Stage V (2016), My All-American (2015), and Cupid’s Match (2018) are the movies she is known for.

The movie, My All-American (2015) was among the most successful movies she has contributed to. Although the actress had not got a lead role, her role brought lots of positives. Michel has appeared on several television episodes and commercials in addition to social media.

When coming to her social media career, Michel has taken several actions for this. Not only social media as sponsoring, but she has targeted selling products through various platforms. Clothing, women’s accessories, and fancy stuff.

Michel Janse's parents
Michel Janse’s parents

Social media

Michel is on every social media platform. Instagram is her most proffered platform for sharing things. And she has got 34.4k followers. The influencer has uploaded 1004 posts to Instagram, and they are basically about her lifestyle, featured media, and upcoming events.

She usually doesn’t upload travel posts as she doesn’t travel much for her Instagram stuff. The next most popular social media platform for Michel Janse is Tik Tok. She has 34k followers and has been able to get 1.2M likes. The social media influencer posts usual stuff on TikTok.

Her YouTube is the most successful platform, which has got 131k subscribers. Since YouTube is the main income-generating method for her, she is posting YouTube content with a specific plan and quality. She literally does everything, reviewing and food preparations.

YouTubeMichel Janse

Michel Janse net worth

Michel Janse’s net worth is about $200,000. Michel’s social media influence, YouTube Revenue, and acting career have brought this income to her.

Michel has an online store where she sells items such as dresses, accessories, and items sued by women. That brings some part of her income as well. However, some social media accounts have provided the path to this store. It means it’s also a part of her social media influence.


How much does Michel Janse earn monthly?

Michel has an average income of $1000 per month.

Is Michel Janse married?

No, she has just divorced her husband.

How old is Michel Janse?

She is 25 years old.

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