Men’s hats in diverse varieties will never leave you out of fashion

Classic hats are now a rarity. Not all men know how to wear them, what to combine with. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to look stylish can understand this issue. There are many men’s hats that can be worn today. Some are intended for the summer period, while others are for the winter. To understand which models are more suitable for a particular situation, you need to familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

  • Cylinder or top hats

Mens top hats are classic hat, which, unlike others, is sewn either from satin or silk or not from felt. Therefore, such an accessory is not cheap. It is better not to use the top hat if you are a tall man, as it will only add unnecessary centimeters. These hats will become a lifesaver for men with a round face shape. 

The top hat can smooth out rough facial features. You can divert attention from a large nose or protruding chin by moving the heat a little to the side. However, such a model should not be tried on by those whose face has an elongated shape because the headdress will lengthen it even more. The main task is to choose the right outfit for the event.

  • Homburg

You can wear this hat daily, although it belongs to the official models. She has a crown with a dent located at the very top. In addition, the margins of this item are folded up and trimmed with ribbon. You can wear it with a cashmere coat, go to the opera, and wear a formal suit.

  • Fedora

This classic hat has a wide brim, two dents on the crown, and a thin ribbon. Previously, it was a symbol in almost all gangster groups. Today, this headdress is considered universal. Therefore, it is suitable for various events. For example, young people can wear a green or brown fedora with a red polka dot ribbon. However, a black hat with a beautiful silk ribbon is best suited for an official reception.

  • Trilby

This hat looks almost the same as a fedora. It differs in that it has shorter margins. They are usually raised at the back. Young people prefer such headdresses. It is also worth noting that Frank Sinatra himself chose to wear this model.

  • Panama

Such a beautiful product as a Panama is an ordinary wide-brimmed straw hat. She was very popular in the old days. Usually, to sew it, light materials are used, which, in addition, have high strength. Panama is suitable for the summer period.

  • Wide-brimmed

Today, wide-brimmed hats are most often seen on people relaxing on the beaches. The shape of this hat can be either cylindrical or hemispherical, and the crown can be both soft and hard. In some models, the fields are bent down; in others, on the contrary, up.

  • Borsalino

This is one of the most expensive options on the entire list. Nevertheless, the cost of the headgear is justified. After all, for tailoring, only costly materials are used. In addition, almost all hats are handmade. During cold weather, rabbit fur is used to make these hats. However, summer hats are made from palm tree branches or straw.

How to choose?

  • Many men are afraid to wear hats because they do not know how to do them properly so as not to look old-fashioned. However, stylish hats are in trend now. Therefore, there is plenty to choose from according to your budget. Focus on simple rules.
  • First, the hat should never draw too much attention to itself. It should be an elegant addition to the whole image. Like any other thing, it must suit its owner. If the face is broad, the selected product should be the same. It is best for men with a long nose to buy a hat with a broad crown. With the help of such a hat, you can also hide too big ears. Do not pull on your hat too much if the man has a high forehead.
  • Owners of a square face should pay attention to bowlers. Those who have a round face should avoid bowlers. On the contrary, you need to look at such types of hats like a fedora. The headdress should have a high crown. If you have an elongated kind of face, you need to opt for hats that have a deep fit. In this case, cowboy hats will also look great.
  • When choosing a headgear, its size is equally important. The hat should not spoil the hair and should not fly off at the slightest breath of wind. It is worth buying it in the store to find the right size precisely to prevent this from happening. Short men are best to opt for products with small margins. Tall people, on the other hand, should wear wide-brimmed hats.

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