Lifetime Roofing: How to Maintain and Avoid Costly Repair?

Many homeowners assume they only need to maintain their roofs to prevent problems. Completing these basic tasks, however, also preserves a home’s value while saving the homeowner money. Well-maintained roofs also last longer, so the homeowner won’t spend their hard-earned money as often to replace this part of their dwelling. What maintenance tasks should a person complete routinely?

Regular Inspections

Inspect the roof regularly, particularly after storms or any bad weather. Grab a pair of binoculars, head outdoors, and inspect the roof for visible damage. Note any areas of concern. Next, head indoors to the attic. If any light can be seen coming through the roof, it’s time to call for help. Promptly repairing your roof will prevent further damage and keep repair costs down. Follow up with a yearly professional roof inspection to catch all problems early. 

Clean Gutters

Gutters must remain clean to remove water from the roof. Any build-up in the gutters or on the roof can lead to rot, mold growth, and other problems. Many people find they only need to clean new gutters once a year. Consider doing so twice a year as the roofing system ages or four times yearly if trees are nearby. Gutter guards should also be considered. 

Remove loose items from the roof using a leaf blower or broom. Next, rinse the roof with a garden hose using a gentle cleaning solution designed for this purpose. Anyone uncomfortable doing these tasks should call a roofer for assistance. 

Prune Plants and Trees

Plants and trees should never be allowed to grow over the roof. If they do, debris on the roof becomes more of a concern. Experts recommend pruning tree limbs so they are at least ten feet from the roof. This distance reduces the risk of the limbs landing on the house if they fall during a storm. Furthermore, removing these branches and limbs will minimize the risk of moss growth and rot. 

Make Prompt Repairs

If any problems develop with the roof, call for professional help immediately. Minor issues can quickly escalate and lead to structural damage. Acting swiftly helps keep repair costs down. Pay close attention to curling, missing, or damaged shingles. They are the first line of defense for the roof, so promptly repair or replace those shingles. 

Prepare for Bad Weather

Hurricane season is always a time for homeowners in Florida to worry about their roofs. Most damage occurs after the winds die down. Rain can easily enter the home in areas where the roof is damaged. Ensure the roof complies with all building codes and install hurricane ties if they aren’t present. Protect skylights from damage, and take pictures of the roof before the storm. These pictures will be helpful if the homeowner must file an insurance claim for hurricane damage. 

Increase Ventilation

Attics must be ventilated to breathe. Good attic ventilation reduces the risk of heat damage and model growth. It also helps the HVAC work more efficiently. When the attic has ample ventilation, this system won’t be under as much strain, helping keep cooling costs under control. Ask a roofer about ridge, gable, and soffit vents to balance airflow. If these vents are present, ensure they aren’t blocked or damaged. 

Replacing a roof is costly. Regularly maintain this part of the home to extend the time needed between roof replacements. Homeowners who do so spend less on repairs while safeguarding the home’s value. Call for roof maintenance today to see similar benefits. 

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