What are the steps to take before installing a new shower tray?

Some basic rules must be known and respected for the installation of a shower tray. Among the most important, you must ensure the seal, think about good ventilation and provide yourself with silicone gaskets to install around the receiver and the water drains. Follow our advice if you plan to install a shower tray in your bathroom.

Like any other plumbing job, fitting out a new shower tray requires precautions:

Checking the solidity of the ground Long before buying your shower tray, first check the solidity of your bathroom floor. Also, it is necessary to set up the water supply and outlet networks, accompanied by the discharge pipes with a diameter of 40 mm, as well as a 14/16 mm diameter supply system. For better water drainage, you should also install sloping drainage pipes of at least 1.5 cm per meter.

  1. Take into account the surface that will receive the shower tray

When choosing a square shower tray, standard size, you must allow a minimum space of 70 x 70 cm. To have more comfort in the use of your shower, plan more surfaces, for example, 80 x 80 cm or more. For rectangular shower trays, allow a space of 70 cm for the width and 90 cm for the length.

What type of shower tray to choose?

Four types of shower trays are available on the market, namely:

  • The receiver to be tiled
  • The recessed tray
  • The receiver to pose
  • The raised catcher

Which material to choose for more comfort?

There are different materials when it comes to shower trays. You are free to choose what suits you according to your requirements. There are among others receivers in synthetic resin, enamelled stoneware, stone, wood, acrylic, ceramic, or marble. The choice of material depends on the comfort you require when using the shower.

Fall for an easy-to-maintain shower tray

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time. It, therefore, requires quality plumbing installations that are easy to maintain at the same time. Why not opt ​​for a shower tray that meets the NF standard? The receivers according to this standard are of irreproachable quality while offering a standard connection. By opting for this one, you will have a custom shower that is very easy to install. In addition, you can choose between installing fixed or mobile walls, but also transparent glass walls or other all around the shower tray.

The installation and creation of a shower tray require the intervention of a professional plumber in Russellville, AR. By entrusting the service to the plumbers of Roodarkansas, you will be satisfied with their professionalism and their know-how. We remain at your entire disposal for more information on our services or to request a quote.

Tips for choosing a toilet bowl

The toilets are an indispensable part of a house, so it must pay some attention when it comes to choosing. With the diversity of models available on the market, it is not always easy to make the right choice. If you are planning to install a new toilet bowl or completely renovate your toilet, this article will help you find the information you need to make a better choice.

The different models of toilet bowls

In general, there are three families of toilet bowls, namely:

  • The question to toilet bowl: this is the most common model and the oldest. They can be rounded or square.
  • The bowls suspended toilets: it is a relatively new model. They are generally very designer and save more space while facilitating the cleaning of the bathroom.
  • The bowls grinders toilets These toilets are connected to an electrical outlet and are available in different models to bench stand.

There are also other types of toilet bowls, such as dry toilets and chemical toilets. These are generally dedicated to specific uses.

The basic criteria for choosing a toilet bowl

  • Quality and comfort: this are often overlooked, yet it is important to pay attention to the comfort that your toilet brings you. This concerns the sound level of the flush, the quality of the float valve as well as the push button.
  • The form of the evacuation: this will depend on the layout of the room. In the majority of cases, the horizontal drain is the most practical, because it sinks directly into the wall. Sometimes, it is also possible to use a vertical drain, to be driven into the ground.
  • The shape of the flush: choosing the wrong shape of the flush could cost you dearly every end of the month in the bill. It is best to choose a dual-control flush that allows you to use either part or all of the water tank.
  • The choice of the bezel: this is the last criterion of choice to take into consideration when it comes to a toilet bowl. The toilet seat is available in a wide choice of materials, among others: PVC, MDF foam, wood, etc. It is up to you to choose the colour and patterns that you like or that match your powder room.

What budget to prepare for the purchase of a new toilet bowl?

If you’re going for quality and longevity, then don’t look at toilet bowls that sell for less than $ 50. Those on sale for $ 70 are a guarantee of quality, depending on the model and brand you have chosen.

Once purchased, you need to install your new toilet bowl. The installation of a new toilet requires the intervention of a plumbing expert. Thus, you can entrust the work to a renowned brand like Roodarkansas. Moreover, you can reach us by phone at any time to request a quote.

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