The 5 Best Patek Philippe Timepieces of 2021

Hunters of Patek Philippe watches are not like other watch buyers. They aren’t showy because they aren’t required to be since Patek Philippe’s understated elegance exudes self-assurance. Put it simply, Patek Philippe owners know they have the finest in heritage, craftsmanship, and configuration on their wrists — and nothing else will do when you’ve possessed one.

The true elegance of a Patek design can be found in its movements. Every component is hand-finished, which may appear to be an unnecessary detail given that only a watchmaker can truly admire it. Even a casual admirer can’t help but be moved by its gorgeousness. Here are a few Patek Philippe watches that exude exceptional elegance.

  1. Aquanaut 5168G-010

The men’s white gold “Jumbo” Aquanaut with 42.2 mm case, the epitome of contemporary sporty-chic, reinforces its youthful, vibrant style in a unique khaki green design. This bold color choice gave a feeling of escapade and distant horizons. The satin and polished finishes merge in the rounded octagonal bezel and case. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is driven by a self-winding movement, the caliber 324 S C, which can be seen through the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case back.

Aquanaut watches are less expensive than other Patek Philippe models, but they hold their value well, making them a good investment alternative if you’re looking to save money upfront. It has a familiar design that will appeal to fans of the recognizable model.

  1. Aquanaut 5167A-001

The Aquanaut was a sensation when it was first released in 1997. This model was fresh, cutting-edge, and unexpected. It had a rounded octagon case, similar to the Nautilus. It also had a “tropical” strap, which was made of new composite material that was extremely resistant to wear, UV radiation, and saltwater. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut ref 5167A comes in a 40.8 mm stainless steel case with a black embossed dial and 120m waterproofness. This Aquanaut watch is powered by Caliber 324 S C, a self-winding mechanical movement.

  1. Grand Complications 5270J-001

The Grand Complications model has been available in rose gold with a gold bracelet since 2018, as well as platinum with a golden opaline dial. The perpetual calendar and chronograph functions of the watch are powered by a 2011 movement. Patek Philippe, on the other hand, has now introduced a yellow-gold version to the mix.

A silvery opaline dial with a double aperture for the day and month at 12 o’clock and an analog date at six o’clock contrasts with the yellow-gold case. Two other small round apertures between four and five, and seven and eight o’clock, will tell you how far through the leap year cycle we are, as well as whether it’s day or night, which you can likely tell by looking out the window. Even so, it’ll come in handy if you ever find yourself in the Alps.

  1. Grand Complications 5303R-001

A repeating watch is a watch that strikes the time on demand the way a mantel clock might. It is not like the sonnerie, which chimes the passing time. Minute repeaters are usually triggered by pressing a sliding lever, which is typically found at 10 o’clock. Mechanical ‘feelers’ read the time from the position of gears once the slide lever is pressed. The time is then struck on two different-tuned gongs by two hammers; quarter-hours by a two-tone sequence, minutes by a high tone, and hours are usually signaled by a low tone.

In 1992, Patek Philippe restarted regular production of its iconic timepieces. It now produces the most minute repeaters of any watch company. Till now, every minute repeater produced by Patek had a sturdy and solid dial. That intended you had to take the timepiece off and display off its see-through case-back, if it had one, to display off the mesmerizing motion of the chiming mechanism in intervention to anyone interested.

The Grand Complications ref. 5303R-001 premiered in the 2020s Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore as a limited edition of 12 watches. Patek Philippe’s main collection now includes a customized version. At six o’clock, in addition to the uncovered gongs, the backside of a tourbillon cage can be viewed. Powdered rose-gold markers in a black-lacquered sapphire-crystal hour rim contrast finely against a rose-gold case. Thierry Stern, Patek Philippe’s president, personally tests each Grand Complications minute repeater for sound. This one is $652,669 in price.

  1. Grand Complications 5370P-011

A split-second chronograph, to keep going with Horology 101, is primarily a wristwatch with two sweeping seconds hands and a stopwatch function. Pressing the pusher will make both hands sweep around the dial around each other. When you activate another, one hand comes to a halt while the other persists. When you press the first pusher again, the stationary hand leaps ahead of the moveable hand. As a result, you’ll be able to record different periods of time or events that start but don’t end at the same time, all at once. It’s useful if you’re monitoring athletes around a track, for example.

The Grand Complications ref 5370, with its black enamel dial and platinum case, debuted in 2015. It’s now accessible with a blue Grand Feu enamel dial. Enamel dials are some of the most time-consuming, and thus costly, dials in watchmaking, as they are made by combining glass with metal in incredibly hot ovens. The most difficult enamel dials to make are grand feu dials, which are made by layering sheets of enamel on the pinnacle of one another.

What’s More?

Patek Philippe outperforms all other watchmakers in terms of resale value, whether modern or vintage. Patek Philippe’s 175th-anniversary collection timepieces are already fetching exorbitant prices on the secondary market.

Furthermore, the Patek Philippe archives have a sortable ‘extract’ for every Patek Philippe watch ever created. Noticing that you can find the date of manufacturing and original date of sale for every Patek Philippe created since 1839 gives you a lot of self-belief. When you encounter someone who wears a Patek watch, you can bet they’ve accomplished something remarkable in their lives. The outputs, which painstakingly detail the background of each watch, evoke specific moments in people’s lives when they purchased a Patek Philippe.

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