KPOP: Cop Your Idols’ Look With These 13 Wristwatches

KPOP stars’ style choices empower fans all over the world, both on and off stage. Many of the most well-known figures in Korean music chose to dress up their appearances with high-end timepieces. And fans, especially watch enthusiasts, seem to pay close attention to what’s on their wrists in the same way they do to their songs. Whether aesthetically beautiful or the movement within the watch, their choices speak for themselves. Their timepieces come with a variety of stories about how they came to own them. Some people particularly fans may buy them as gifts, while others buy watches for the enjoyment of it, or to please, and still, others buy after hitting a certain career goal. 

Whatever their reasons are, they are still gorgeous on their wrists, and featured here in this article are some of the KPOP idols donning their watches in public.

  1. G-Dragon – Rolex Air-King Chrome Hearts

The South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper, entrepreneur, and fashion designer, G-Dragon, who is also dubbed as the “King of K-pop”, sported the Rolex Air King Chrome Hearts edition several years earlier. Fans found that he updated it to a Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date Presidential as time passed.

  1. Baekhyun – Rolex Submariner

The watch was not purchased by Baekhyun himself. However, a major fan called Polar Light, who some say is a single person while others suggest it is multiple people, chose to make the gift even more unforgettable by buying a Rolex Submariner 116610 for him. With the legendary Submariner, you could never go off, just as Baekhyun’s admirers cannot go off of him. As an outstanding part of EXO and a promising actor with irresistible charisma and charm, it is no wonder that his fans are doing their utmost to surprise and impress him.

  1. RM & Jin –  Rolex Day-Date

Dubbed as the president’s timepiece after US President Lyndon B Johnson, the Rolex Day-Date was seen sported by the former President in 1956, showing the day, date, and time, as its name title indicates. The leader of BTS, South Korea’s most famous boy group, RM, and the group’s visual, Jin, both already have a variant of the watch. The one owned by RM is a platinum variety with a 40 mm diameter.

  1. Lisa – Rolex Datejust

Lisa, a Thai member of Blackpink, is also a Rolex lover. She has several models, along with a Datejust for women which is her favorite. Her timepiece is adorned with the watchmaker’s famous Jubilee bracelet which brilliantly shines with her every time she’s sporting it.

  1. Sehun – Rolex GMT Master

The ever-famous Rolex GMT makes an appearance on Sehun’s wrist, the EXO’s maknae who is known for being the funniest and most energetic in the group. His watch has a red and black bezel and is made of stainless steel. GMT-Master has outstanding corrosion resistance and maintains its vivid colors over time.

  1. Rain – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Rain owns several watches, but the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202ST Jumbo is his favorite among all. This watch is legendary and developed the market for luxury stainless steel watches, thanks to the genius Swiss watch artist and designer Gérald Genta’s brilliant design. Rain is a South Korean pop singer, songwriter, and actor who was dubbed the “original beast idol” before the term was even coined.

  1. Jisoo – Cartier Tank Solo

Jisoo of Blackpink goes for a masterpiece with a twist, wearing the Tank solo watch ref WSTA0028 of Cartier with a green alligator strap. The rectangular layout has a longstanding experience at Cartier, having first been introduced in 1917. Aside from the Cartier’s Tank, Jisoo also owns a Panthère de Cartier which debuted in 1983.

  1. LAY – Chaumet Attrape-Moi

Lay Zhang, another successful EXO member, isn’t afraid to flaunt his bling. On his IG, he shows off a high jewelry complication Hortensia watch by French jewelry designer Chaumet. In 2017, he was even present at the Chaumet World event at the Rosewood Hotel, where he celebrated with gracefulness as he donned the Attrape-Moi … si tu m’aimes design.

  1. Jun.K – IWC Portuguese

Jun.K, the main vocalist of 2PM as well as a record producer and actor, wears the quintessential IWC Portuguese when he wants to be toned down. Along with the Portofino, the IWC Portugieser is one of the most popular, most sophisticated, and timeless dress watch models from IWC.

  1. Chanyeol – Rolex Submariner

Chanyeol’s Submariner in gold with a blue bezel and dial is impossible to ignore. The EXO rapper and singer has been seen rocking this watch in a range of his IG posts, especially during the release of their third studio album, Ex’Act, with songs like Monster and Lucky One shaking the EXO-L’s mind and soul all around the world.

  1. Yang Hyun-Suk – Richard Mille RM038 Tourbillon

With several YG performers on the roster, YG himself must be included. Here he is with Richard Mille, a French entrepreneur who founded his watch brand in 1999. Yang Hyun Suk owns several high-end expensive watches, including the Richard Mille RM038 Tourbillon.

  1. SolBin – PAULVICE Miniel Collection Sand

The goal of PAULVICE is to assist all ladies and their instincts in becoming glamorous and fashionable with inexpensive jewelry. The watch is a chic everyday accessory that emphasizes one’s independence while also complementing one’s appearance. Laboum’s 23-year-old member, SolBin, is one of the sophisticated women seen wearing the brand’s watch. When she wears the affordable luxury timepiece, you can see the beauty and charm on her.

  1. JiSook – Swatch Netural

Swatch has been a well-known brand since its inception in the 1980s, and it hasn’t ceased producing high-quality timepieces since then. If you’re looking for a special, possibly the best, and long-lasting everyday watch, this is a great brand to decide on. The lovely stainless steel bracelet that Netural is wrapped in is made up of its circular links. The transparent crystals glisten on the silvery dial’s design. Rainbow member, JiSook, was seen on a few TV interviews and guesting donning the said brand with a reference of YSS323G.

In A Nutshell

KPOP fans pay close attention to their idols’ every step and style. And that doesn’t exclude what they wear daily. One of the accessories that you can easily copy is the wristwatches that they use. For more inspiration, you can also check out WatchShopping online so you don’t miss out!


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