What Happened to Legión in AGT 2024?

Dance Group Legión is Best known for Sofía Vergara’s Golden Buzzer winning fire Malambo dance performance!

Home TownArgentina
ActMalambo Dance Performance
Position ReachedReceived Golden Buzzer
AGT 2024

Legión Malambo dance group performed with their boots lit on fire on Tuesday’s episode of AGT Season 19. This group of amazing dancers are from Argentina, the birthplace of the Malambo dance. They fascinated and set fire on the stage with their lit boots and mind-blowing Malambo dance which made Sofía Vergara press the golden buzzer.


This specific group called Legión Malambo has been seen on television before, as they’ve taken part in Italian competition show, Tu Si Que Vales. According to their YouTube channel, they were featured on Tu Si Que Vales in 2017 and 2018.

Fabian Serna, is the choreographer and creative director of Legión Malambo. Additionally, he even appeared as a guest dancer on two of the most prominent shows in North America,’The Ellen Degeneres Show’ and Entertainment Tonight. In 2010, Fabian founded the Impacto Malambo firm and worked in Las Vegas, representing Argentina in the Q’VIVA show. He collaborates with Cirque du Soleil and Madonna choreographer, Jamie King, and has performed alongside Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Legion Malambo is a group of dancers from Argentina, the birthplace of the Malambo dance (Instagram/@companialegion)

Legión Biography 

Legión dance group performed a brilliant Malambo dance performance on AGT series 19 winning a golden buzzer.

Real Name  Legión Malambo
Nationality Argentinean
Profession Dancers/ Performers
AGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about their families or relationships.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


Legión Malambo from Argentina, started their performance astonishing the viewers by setting their boots on flames. Since the beginning, the audience was cheering and applauding to their every powerful step. “We needed that. That was epic,”Simon Cowell declared first. “Wow, that was very exciting, very unexpected, very surprising. What are you thinking?” Howie Mandel asked. “The Malambo is life and this is a big dream for us, an incredible opportunity,” Fabian answered.

The audience booed Sofía Vergara, when she said “Well, I guess all the judges are so fascinated with you guys because for them this is something so different, I’m South American. I’ve seen this dance many times.”

“For me, you guys have to do something spectacular and that was spectacular. I thought it was amazing. I had never seen anything like that and it’s exactly why I’m going to do this.”

Sofía Vergara

And so saying, she hit the Golden Buzzer, altering the tense moment in to a golden and went up on stage to join the group. One of the dancers leaned over and told her, “You scared us” making her laugh.

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Just before the group leave the stage, Sofia said, “This is exactly what we’re here for. This is exactly AGT. It might change these guys’ lives and I love to be a part of it.” The group celebrated their success with the best wishes from their loved ones. Moreover, AGT 2024 audience is awaiting their next performance to witness another fascinating performance.

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