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KOL Marketing Can Reap Rewards in Thailand

<strong>KOL Marketing Can Reap Rewards in Thailand</strong>

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KOL Marketing Can be Successful in Thailand

KOLs, or key opinion leaders, can be used effectively for marketing in Thailand. Social media has really taken off in the country, and almost everyone has opinion leaders and influencers they follow. 

But before you start contacting famous people to represent your brand’s products, it’s helpful to recognize the key difference between influencers and KOLs when setting the parameters and pay scale of their involvement with your brand. 

Difference Between Influencers and KOLS

Influencers are simply people who have become popular online and have been able to maximize and monetize their popularity. They’re active on social media platforms, most often on YouTube and Instagram. Their value to advertisers is determined by their popularity and how many followers they have. 

Anyone can be an influencer. While calling yourself an influencer generally means that it’s how you make your living, influencers can also include famous and iconic sports stars, actors and singers. 

KOLs are an entirely different side of having a famous figure represent your product than influencers. KOLs are well-respected names in a certain field or industry. They may not be general household names known to many people outside their industry, but their words and opinions carry a lot of weight to those inside their industry. 

For instance, a Grammy award-winning recording engineer may not be known even to fans of the record they won the award for. But to people within the industry, the engineer and their work are likely to be well-known to musicians, record labels and recording studio owners. 

A company like JBL or Bose might offer the engineer a chance to try out their equipment and see what they think. If they liked the equipment, the company might offer them a contract to represent the company in ads and at trade shows. 

This is how successful KOLs are born. The engineer maintains their reputation by only working with companies whose products they respect, and they get another source of income by maintaining that reputation. Their value is in their authority on a certain subject that is relevant to a brand’s products.  

Importance of Finding the Right Fit in KOLs

This is why finding the right KOL for your products can be much more difficult than simply finding an influencer. 

The KOL has to look at your products favourably and possibly use them regularly, and their opinion has to be respected by your target market. They don’t have to be well-known to your audience, but they have to have the credentials that make their opinions unimpeachable. 

They don’t even have to be in the exact same industry as your products. A skilled digital marketing agency like Primal is talented at finding the right KOL to represent your products. 

Your brand may produce a line of clothes that are known to be tough and long-lasting. By pairing your brand with a famous climber who has summited Everest, the connection is made, and your audience gains a new respect for your line of clothes because famous mountaineers appreciate them. 

Contact Primal and find out what using the right KOL for your brand can do for your sales.     

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