Know All About Staffing and Recruitment Process

Know All About Staffing and Recruitment Process

One of the fundamental characteristics that a staffing and recruitment agency must have knows how to correctly and promptly identify the needs of the company to respond satisfactorily to customer requests.

During the analysis of the company’s needs, the client is asked to explain their needs, identifying the characteristics that the candidate should have to fill the specific role. Especially in the case of creating a new position, it may happen that the customer does not have clear ideas on what to look for. In these cases, it is essential to analyze the company’s structure to understand which figure is missing in the workforce and which functions it would be called to cover. Only once the role has been identified is it possible to define who will have to fill it.

The stages of selection

Personnel selection is a highly delicate process and is defined in four phases :

Motivational and cognitive interview with the recruiter

Once an eligible candidate has been identified, first telephone contact can be made to define salient data, relating, for example, to professional classification and remuneration. The telephone approach is also essential to understand if the subject is interested in the position sought. If this first approach is positive, we proceed to set up a cognitive interview with the recruiter.

This meeting aims to ascertain that the candidate possesses the necessary requisites to perform the job, trying to collect data that cannot be inferred from other sources that are not objective and therefore cannot be systematically measured.

 This phase is also essential to provide the candidate with all the data on the company and the type of job offered, necessary for him to evaluate the possibility of continuing with the selection process fully.

The interview is, therefore, the heart of the selection process. It is essential to make the candidate feel at ease so that he is himself and that he shares his experiences and reflections with the staffing and recruitment agency, which are essential for understanding his specific needs and understanding whether it could integrate effectively into the new working habitat.

Interviews in the company with a shortlist of candidates

The analysis of the elements obtained during the interview and the results of the tests led the recruiter to identify a shortlist of 2-5 candidates, depending on the figure and the company’s requests. There are, in fact, clients who need to be supported in the long process to arrive at a decision and who rely almost entirely on the agency, expressing the need to reach the minimum possible number of candidates to choose from.

On the contrary, other companies prefer to see more candidates and work organically and rationally on the requirements that each subject possesses. They can independently make the final choice. The customer must make the last decision. If the company is unable to take this last step, step by step, it provides the customer with all the necessary elements to make a choice.

Monitoring of company welfare status – resource inserted

The process of staffing and recruitment a new resource for your business with help of Scion Staffing is an aspect in which it is not worth improvising if you care about the well-being of your business.

Getting yourself supported in this delicate and critical process by specialized temporary staffing agencies will be the best choice you can make. Another fundamental aspect is that identifying the right resource can make a difference since having the eligible people in your organization can make your business a qualitative leap. Finding these resources in a precise and fast way can only save time and money.

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