Know all about Shelter Services in Mexico

Shelter services in Mexico let foreign manufacturing companies take advantage of the top-notch manufacturing industry in the nation. It includes teaming up with a shelter company in Mexico that functions as a legal entity for several governments and tax-related facets of carrying out a business in Mexico. Usually, shelter services only need you to offer the raw materials and components which are imported and duty-free. Other than that, everything else like dealing with Mexican law, HR and other administrative operations are handled by the company offering shelter services.
It lets the manufacturing companies focus on production but still have complete control over the manufacturing process. You can still make any administrative decision you need. These factories are also called maquiladoras or manufacturing facilities owned and run by a foreign company but handled by local Mexican people.
Some of the services which shelter services in Mexico provide are:

  1. Cost assessment to help you analyze the cost of moving your business to Mexico with the help of a shelter program.
  2. Human resources like hiring employees, managing their concerns and wellbeing along with recruiting the essential positions such as accounting.
  3. Industrial real estate facilities to look out for the perfect place for manufacturing. Shelter service providers usually deal with regulatory permits, bargain lease terms and find vendors and suppliers as and when needed.
  4. Legal help like complying with environmental norms and supporting agency inspections.
    Advantages of using shelter services in Mexico
    Here are some of the major benefits of availing shelter services:
  5. Working under a shelter means that you can save a lot on your income taxes, infrastructure expenses, permits, license payments and labor expense. A lot of businesses can save a hefty sum of money by shifting their manufacturing to Mexico with the help of a shelter service.
  6. Shelter services in Mexico support launch production in as less as 6 to 8 weeks, drastically cancelling the start-up phase for you, to allow your business to grow.
  7. Regardless of the fact that most of the administrative work is handled by the shelter services, you still have complete control of production and have comprehensive intellectual property rights.
  8. Because your company doesn’t have a legal presence in Mexico, shelter services will handle all your responsibility in case something goes wrong, lower your risks and liabilities.
    Opening a manufacturing unit in Mexico is a tedious and challenging task for those handling it alone. Right from acquiring construction permits to getting resources and devices to handling taxes and managing labor, the headaches linked with production in a foreign country are more than you can imagine. But shelter services in Mexico eliminates these challenges and eases the procedure. Enjoying insider access and an easy partnership with a Mexican ensures that your company can fully enjoy the benefits of skilled and cheap labor without any administrative hassle.
    So, if you are looking forward to setting up a stress-free manufacturing unit in Mexico, then use shelter services in Mexico and shift your manufacturing operations now!

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