What is JustVurb Doing Now_ Let's Find out His Net worth and the Latest Facts

What Is JustVurb Doing Now? Let’s Find Out His Net worth & The Latest Facts

JustVurb has not uploaded any videos on his Youtube channel after May 2021. What happened to JustVurb? Let’s find out! According to the recent updates on his Instagram and Twitter, he has stepped to a new beginning. He is currently creating music creations other than making gaming content. 

My first song, “blinded,” is officially out now on all streaming platforms!


His real name is Arran Willis, and 24 years old now. His net worth is $5 Million as of 2023. Keep reading to find out more about his lifestyle and the latest facts.

To compose this article, we have referred to starstat.yt, fandom.com, allfamousbirthday.com, and his social media profiles.

Key Takeaways

  • Vurb has not uploaded any videos on JustVurb after May 2021. 
  • He started a new YouTube channel Vurb Music in July 2022. 
  • He is currently working on his music creations. 
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated at 5 million USD. 
  • JustVurb is single. 
  • Arran Willis is 24 years old now.

Arran Willis Biography

Arran Willis was born in Bath, United Kingdom, on July 13, 1998. There are no available details regarding his parents or his ancestry. Some sources report that Arran has four siblings. Arran’s zodiac sign is Cancer. 

The ethnicity and religion of this British YouTuber remain unknown. Arran started the JustVurb YouTube channel in 2015.

My Name is JustVurb, but you can call me Vurb. I am a pug who likes to play and record Minecraft.


He was ranked on the list of most popular YouTube stars and the elite list of celebrities born in the UK. 

On May 28, 2022, Vurb launched his first official music creation. Also, he streamed his first music album “forever & always” on October 14, 2022. 

In the next section, let’s get to know about his family and relationships.

JustVurb aka Arran Willis

JustVurb Family & Relationships

There are no available details regarding his parents. Unconfirmed resources report that Arran has two brothers and two sisters. 

Arran is currently single. There are no clues that Arran is dating anyone. There is no available information regarding his relationship history either. 

How Does JustVurb Make Money?

As per starstat.yt, JustVurb earned 529 132 USD from his YouTube channel by December 20, 2022. He has earned this amount by creating Minecraft and Fortnite gaming content on YouTube. Further, he is running an online clothing and accessory store.

How Much Money Does JustVurb Make From YouTube?

Arran started the JustVurb YouTube channel on July 21, 2015. Before 2015, he was making YouTube videos for another YouTube channel. There were 425 videos on JustVurb YouTube Channel by December 2022. He has done many collaboration videos with YouTube gaming stars such as SkeppyBadBoyHaloSpifeyF1NN5TER, and Zelk.

As per startat.yt, he earned 26,778 USD annual income from advertising on the JustVurb YouTube channel in 2022. 

I see all these creators misleading people to grow fast yet they don’t realize it’s all about the journey and how you get to the top, not getting there fast by misleading thousands of people with a garbage live stream. Take pride in your content and treat your fans with respect.

Arran Willis

The next section is about his YouTube content.

Video Reviews

Last Video On The JustVurb YouTube Channel

JustVurb uploaded his last gaming video on May 9, 2021. It had over 935k views by December 2022. 

In this Minecraft video, Vurb used BadBoyHalo‘s voice to troll Skeppy. The video was super funny since Skeppy was confused by Vurb’s prank. The comment section provides evidence that the video hit the audience.

Most Viewed Video

Vurb’s most viewed video was uploaded on November 27, 2018. By December 2022, it had over 12M views with 187k likes. That was a Fortnite gaming video (Fortnite Battle Royale) in which Vurb tested a “Hacker” to get “Banned” in 30 minutes.

This video was very enthusiastic since JustVurb played with three other human controllers. Many of the viewers have left their opinions in the comment section. Most of them stated that the “Hacker” didn’t cheat during the game, but he had a good gaming chair.   

Social Media

You can catch JustVurb on TwitterInstagramSpotify, Discord, Twitch, Myspace, e-mail, and YouTube. He has two YouTube channels: JustVurb for gaming content and Vurb Music for his musical creations.

He started his new YouTube channel, Vurb Music, on July 23, 2022, to upload his music content. 

Currently, he has 303.8K Twitter followers, 70K Instagram followers, and 766K YouTube subscribers.

JustVurb’s first music video


JustVurb has not uploaded videos on his YouTube channel since May 2021. However, he is currently focused on working on his music creations. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated at 5 million USD. Vurb is still single. 

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How old is JustVurb?

JustVurb is 24 years old as of 2023.

What is the net worth of JustVurb?

As of 2022, his net worth is estimated at 5 million USD.

What is JustVurb’s real name?

Arran Willis is JustVurb’s real name.

Who is JustVurb’s girlfriend?

Currently, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

What is the contact number of JustVurb?

There are no JustVurb contact numbers available on the internet. 

What are the educational qualifications of JustVurb?

There is no available information on the internet regarding his educational background. 

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