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ISIS leader becomes a “pork Seller” In SriLanka

ISIS leader becomes a “pork Seller” In SriLanka

Recently ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appeared in a video first time after 5 years.

In the video, a man purporting to be Baghdadi appeared to be wearing a casual outfit, sitting on the ground next to an assault rifle. He said the “battle for Baghouz is over,” referencing the last town held by ISIS in eastern Syria.

In the video, the man praised recent bombings in Sri Lanka, which killed more than 250 people and wounded at least 500 on April 21.

Sri Lankan Photoshop community picked up some snaps of him in the video and made hundreds of photo-shopped images out of him. These were very hilarious.

Also one of the images were Abu Bakr being a pork meat seller, Extremists believe that pork is hindering the path to the heaven- Slap in the face Abu Bakr!

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