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IS CSGO Prime Permanent?

IS CSGO Prime Permanent?

Why should you buy a CS:GO Prime Account and whether it is permanent or not? What are the benefits of getting the prime status and is it even worth paying for?

This article will give answers to all your queries. All you need to do is sit back relaxed! And read through.

What Do You Need Prime Accounts?

CS:GO Prime Accounts were introduced by Value to create matchmaking where gamers can compete better with other gamers of similar skills and ranks. The Prime Accounts soon became very popular among professional gamers and those who wanted a competitive gaming experience altogether. Ever since April 2016 this prime status has continued to evolve with new features and updates coming in but one thing is for sure that the prime account system has undoubtedly become a permanent gamer tool.

Prime status does the work of categorizing gamers into two groups. The first group consists of those who use a prime account and are considered trustworthy and the second group includes gamers that are usually found guilty of cheating and smurfing.

You can actually get the prime status through either ways:

  1. If you’re someone who bought the game way before it went free-to-play, then you’re automatically given the prime status. Which works out great as you don’t feel left out or regret paying for the game earlier.
  2. You can also buy csgo prime accounts from various sources but make sure to select the right website for your purchase.
  3. And probably the most genuine one is that you are promoted to prime when you reach in-game level 21.

For those wondering whether you have to pay a monthly fee to get prime status or not. The answer is no, these prime accounts are a one time purchase and just by paying once, you unlock all the features available.

You can buy cheap csgo prime accounts from various sources and methods, which we’ll discuss later in the article. However, these csgo prime accounts for sale are likely to suffer because of some revamping done by valve recently.

CS:GO Prime Account Benefits

Some primary reasons that make prime worth all the hype are that players with prime are eligible to receive exclusive souvenir, weapons, item drops and further access to every community operated server. All these combined with competitive gameplay and matchmaking makes csgo prime a good investment. Also people who are willing to pay $14.99 to get the prime status will avoid the risk of facing a ban or loosing their account. As a result of which csgo cheap prime accounts act a deterrence to fraudsters, hackers and cheaters. But you might still encounter some sort of cheating as it happens a lot now a days.

However, if you are using non-prime csgo accounts you’re most likely to come across wallhacking and aim botting. Although prime doesn’t guarantee you that no cheating or hacking will happen but it still makes the platform safer and more transparent.

Final Thoughts

Recently, Valve made some significant changes in both CS:GO prime and Non-prime accounts. CS:GO cheap prime accounts are completely revamped as there’s no longer a free path towards getting the prime status. Now player can attain the prime status by purchasing it directly through in-game or via Steam store only. So, if you’re not willing to pay even for the cheapest csgo prime accounts then you’ll have to face disadvantages as non-prime players can no longer be a part of ranked matches.

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