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Meet Caylus Cunningham the man behind the Infinite Youtube channel

Meet Caylus Cunningham the man behind the Infinite Youtube channel

Caylus Cunningham, better known on YouTube as “Infinite Lists” or, more lately, “Infinite,” is one of the YouTubers who rose to fame quickly. He quickly became one of the most successful vloggers and YouTube creators, thanks to his originality and hilarious attitude.

Caylus Cunningham Biography

Caylus Cunningham was born in Spokane Valley, Washington, on August 18, 1997. He grew up in Spokane Valley with his family.

Caylus Cunningham attended a private school from first to seventh grade and then high school. He completed his high school education and enrolled in community college. However, he dropped out of college due to various personal reasons.

He had a natural talent for art and crafts when he was a little lad. He cherished every craft he produced despite his hardships, and he enjoyed using his scissors and paper. Those crafts were utilized to beautify his room. His YouTube content has the same level of originality.

BirthdayAugust 18, 1997
Birth SignLeo
Age24 years old as of 2022
ProfessionYouTuber, Social media influencer
GirlfriendKiera Bridget
BirthplaceSpokane Valley, Washington, US.
Weightapprox. 58 Kg
Heightapprox. 5 ft 7 in (167 cm)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Nickname/ Famous asInfinite
BrothersKegan Cunningham and Jake Cunningham
CarsTwo Ferraris
One Lamborghini
One Alfa Romeo
One Aston Martin

Is Infinite and Caylus the same person?

Caylus Cunningham’s nickname is Infinite. So Caylus and Infinite are the same person.

Caylus Cunningham’s Career

In the year 2016, Caylus Cunningham started his YouTube career. He had 100,000 members on his channel in a short period, which encouraged him to create more engaging content to attract more YouTube viewers and appear successful.

Infinite also calls his army of supporters the “Infinite Army.” He’s a well-known YouTuber for his click-baiting tactics. He usually gives free stuff to his subscribers in exchange for subscribing to his channel and setting on alerts. On the other hand, his photos are pleasurable and engaging to the point of curiosity and entertaining enough to keep everyone entertained. When seen side by side, his game videos are equally amusing and fascinating.

He started off making Top 5s, Top 10s, Top 100s, and Top 1000s videos. When he began expanding into reaction-based material, his YouTube profile name was changed from Infinite Lists to simply Infinite. On August 21, 2014, he started his first YouTube channel, ‘Infinite Lists.’ He didn’t start uploading videos until 2016, though. ‘6 Richest YouTubers of 2016Pewdiepie, Ryans ToysReview, Little Baby Bum, Webs & Tiaras Big Wealth,’ was his first video. 

Caylus Cunningham Showing his Car and Infinite Brand
Caylus Showing his Car and Merch Brand Product

He also posted a series of “list” videos, like the Topwater bottle flips, the most lavish children’s gifts, the most bizarre tree structures, and so on. These videos were pretty interesting and funny for any YouTube subscriber who watched his channel. He rapidly gained a significant following, and his subscription count swiftly topped a million.

Apart from the list of episodes, the channel contains many extremely humorous response videos. ‘The Saddest Animations You Would Ever See On YouTube’ and ‘The Most Weirdest People In WALMART’ are two of the most hilarious videos, and they are all must-sees for everyone.

Caylus Cunningham Family

Caylus Cunningham has remained tight-lipped about his family. Despite the fact that he is said to have two older brothers, Kegan and Jake Cunningham, according to some stories. In many of his reaction films, he worked with his brother, and they both seemed to gag at the same time. Even though he keeps his family’s life private, he looks to adore and think about it.

Caylus Cunningham Personal Life Relationships and More

Caylus Cunningham and his girlfriend Kiera Bridget
Caylus Cunningham and his girlfriend Kiera Bridget

Caylus Cunningham, the good-looking Youtuber, has been linked to several female artists. In 2016, when he was just starting in his profession, he met Jasmine H, with whom he had a love affair, but news of their secret breakup surfaced later.

He remained single after his breakup until he caught the attention of another triumph, YouTuber Kiera Bridget, in 2019. Kiera later revealed her romantic relationship with Caylus through a cute post on January 1, 2020. Caylus now appears in many of his YouTube videos alongside his fiancée Kiera, in which they participate in Try Not to Laugh Challenges. His fans adore their relationship goals.

Infinite Team Members

Behind the scenes, he doesn’t have much of a team. He did everything himself in terms of video a few months ago. All of that, including editing, thumbnails, and video creation. BBTV and he recently collaborated. They’ve been quite helpful, getting him into recent events like Playlist Live, VidCon, and others. He, his editor, his manager, and BBTV would now make up his team.

Caylus Cunningham with his Fans
Infinite’s Caylus Cunningham with his Fans

Social Media

He is also active on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. He has almost 1.4 million Instagram followers under the username @caylus. On Twitter, he has 121.3K followers. He has a YouTube channel with over 19.3 million subscribers on his primary account and 2.61 million subscribers on his secondary account.

How much is Caylus Cunningham’s net worth in 2022?

His work has slowed down a little as a result of his partnership with BroadbandTV. He also sponsors a variety of brands as a result of his luck as a successful YouTuber, which adds to his fortune. He is believed to have a net worth of $7.5 million as of 2022.

Interesting Things/ Fun Facts

  • He runs a clothing line with the same name.
  • His favorite vacation place is Australia.
  • He prefers the colors blue and black.
  • Fishing, boating, surfing, painting, and photography are some of Infinite’s favorite activities.
  • Infinite is devoted to his mother and frequently publishes images of the two of them on social media.
  • He is a basketball fanatic.

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Where does Caylus live in 2022?

You may wonder where Infinite (Caylus Cunningham) lives now. Infinite is currently living in California, US.

Where is Caylus infinite from?

Caylus Cunningham, also known as Infinite, is from Spokane Valley, Washington. He was born on August 18, 1997, and his birth sign is Leo.

Does Caylus have a brother?

Infinity has two older brothers, Kegan and Jake Cunningham. In many of his reaction films, Caylus Cunningham brothers worked with him, and they both seemed to gag at the same time.

What is Caylus first video?

Infinite uploaded his first YouTube video titled “this is weird…” and currently it has 191,699 views.

Is Caylus American?

Caylus Cunning ham nationality is British and his religion is Christianity.

Who is Caylus Cunningham’s girlfriend?

You may wonder who Caylus’s girlfriend 2022 is. Caylus Infinite’s girlfriend is Kiera Bridget. She is an English YouTuber. She was born on the 21st of October 2000 and her real name is Kiera Bridget Workman.

What is infinite lists (Infinite) real name?

His real name is Caylus Cunningham.

Who is Caylus dating in 2022?

Infinite Lists is now dating Kiera Bridget.

How old is Caylus Cunningham?

You may wonder how old is Infinite Lists. He is 24 years old as of March 2022. His birthday is August 18, 1997. So, after August 2022 his age is 25.

Who is Caylus’s brother?

Infinite has two older brothers. Kegan Cunningham and Jake Cunningham.

What is Caylus’s favorite color?

Infinity Caylus’s favorite color is Black

Is Caylus single?

He is not married yet but he is dating Kiera Bridget.

Where was Caylus born?

He was born in Spokane Valley, Washington, US.

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