Convert PDF to PDF/A Successfully Using PDFBear

Because of the current economic surge to create digital documents and reduce the use of physical paperwork, PDF has become one of the most prevalently used file formats nowadays. PDFs are widely used throughout business and government organizations for a variety of document necessities because they can be viewed by so many different applications. If it comes to archiving data, nevertheless, PDFs have a few constraints that make them unsuitable for long-term storage.

Many businesses and individuals demand that such files be converted into the more advanced PDF/A format. PDF/A was developed to fill a market void for a long-term reproducible document format. PDF/A is a PDF version designed for archival purposes. It complies with ISO standard 19005, and its long-term goal is to ensure that documents look the same on any device that needs to access them. PDFBear is the right approach for converting PDF to PDF/A.

PDF to PDF/A Converter Tool of PDFBear

Convert PDF to PDFA using PDFBear to ensure that your files will be accessible in the long run. PDFBear has a comprehensive set of PDF features, such as the ability to convert PDF files to PDF/A compliant files. It can also cover the full content of a PDF file to see if it was created following the PDF/A format’s established standards. This is an important feature because it influences how a PDF file is converted to a PDF/A file.

PDFBear’s converting features are both timely and widely used in office and institutional contexts. It can convert to a range of different files while retaining the original work’s content or format quality. The many features of PDFBear make it an ideal option for your converting demands. PDFBear knows and appreciates the importance of file security. Not only does this converting tool use SSL encryption when transferring and processing your files, but it also deletes converted or edited files on the server within 60 minutes to ensure the platform’s confidentiality and dependability.

Along with this feature, PDFBear is cross-platform compatible, allowing you to view and use PDFBear on any platform, including Microsoft, Linux, and Mac. This indicates that the same security policies apply to every other popular platform available today. Because it works on any device, including mobile phones, PDFBear is an excellent tool for converting PDF to PDF/A. To use the web application, there is no need to download or install any software. It does not demand any storage space on your device because all of its operations are performed in the cloud.

Converting PDF to PDF/A Process Using PDFBear

PDF/A is used to convert common PDF files into files that can be conserved and kept for a long time. PDF/A format is required to remove encryptions, audios, videos, external content references, and transparent objects and layers. This is done to ensure that the file is preserved and reproducible. These must be removed for the file to be preservable and reproducible, which is the main feature of PDF/A. PDFBear can convert files in minutes, and even faster if you have a fast internet connection. Here are the clear and simple steps for converting a PDF file to a PDFA file.

To begin, browse PDFBear’s website. Click the “Convert PDF to PDF/A” button on the home page. Select the file to be converted from the drop-down menu. Set the PDF/A file’s conformance level after it has been processed by clicking the drop-down arrow next to “Set PDF/A conformance level.” Based on the size of the file and the stability of your internet connection, converting the PDF to PDF/A should only take a few minutes.

The conversion process is complete when you see the converted file on your screen. You will be able to save it to your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox using the online site. If you want to share it right away, copy the link and paste it into an email or any social media accounts.

Other Productive Tools From PDFBear

Converting a PDF from Your Documents

If you have been looking for a free PDF converter, PDFBear is the one. Because Adobe programs are not free, PDFBear will handle the conversion of your regular files to PDF for free. As you are aware, PDF is the ideal electronic file format for keeping file sizes small and formatting and compatibility issues to a minimum. In about a minute, you can convert your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML files to PDF.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The phrase “PDF reader” refers to a program that allows you to access and read PDF files and reports. Surprisingly, PDFBear’s PDF Reader can do more than just open and read PDF files. It also allows you to open, share, and even provide a high-quality overview of your PDF photographs and images.

The Importance of PDF/A

The PDF/A format, which has been initially intended for archiving, is now used for long-term preservation and future usability. It has become the standard format for archiving electronic documents and files under the ISO 19005-1:2005 specification. PDF/A is increasingly being used by government agencies, companies, and individuals to digitize both existing archival material and new documents.

The PDF/A format is notable for its universality. And since PDF/A documents must be available permanently, strict standards are in place to ensure that they are always readable. Its format virtually guarantees that the quality of the document is preserved for at least ten years. When compared to the original layout of the PDF, there may be incremental changes over time.

PDF/A has an extremely high level of security. Tools for ensuring data privacy are among the resources accessible through the chosen software. As a result, the converted file will no longer be accessible through the software’s server. The application uses security to affirm the authenticity of the reproduced file and will be regarded as trustworthy for electronically sorting files. The images used, elements such as raster and vectors, text style, and, if applicable, the developer’s color codes are all embedded in the PDF/A document. It complies with ISO standards.


To choose the best file format for your needs, you must first understand the functions and characteristics of each one. If you want to access PDF documents in the future, you must convert them to PDF/A. PDF/A is a great format for long-term file storage. Printing and storing physical copies of your documents is no longer required.

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