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How to Send a One-Off Shipment by Courier

<strong>How to Send a One-Off Shipment by Courier</strong>

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Many of the largest courier companies in the world have excellent systems and assets, to ensure timely delivery of the items sent by courier. In addition to a fleet of vehicles for delivery, they often own aircraft for faster delivery of items. Typically, most of the customers of reputed courier companies are large companies that have a corporate account with them. However, sometimes individuals or small businesses may be interested in a one-off shipment with the courier company, because the courier company has a larger network, will deliver quickly and the status of the item couriered can be easily tracked. The main considerations while making a one-time shipment with the courier company are discussed.

Delivery and pickup location

Though the courier companies have a large network in different cities and towns worldwide, there are still some locations where they do not deliver. Hence it is advisable to check whether the courier company will pick up the item from the client’s location and deliver it to the specified address. Usually, most of reputed courier companies have an updated website, which specifies the delivery network of the courier company. So the sender should check whether the courier company is delivering at the location specified and the time is taken for delivery using the website. This will save some time and money.

Item details

Due to safety requirements and government regulations, most courier companies do not handle certain items. The list of prohibited items is usually clearly specified on the courier website. While almost all courier companies will refuse to carry some items like explosives, flammable, radioactive, infectious, or corrosive items, the terms, and conditions for other items like jewelry, and currency notes will vary. Hence it is advisable to check the terms and conditions of the courier company before sending any high-risk or expensive item by courier.


Usually, the courier companies have a fixed minimum cost for handling any item. So they will usually charge a fixed amount for all couriers below a particular weight typically 500 grams. The courier company will usually consider the weight of the item if the item is a heavy item since the cost of transportation depends on the item’s weight. Additionally, the dimensions of the item are also considered for some items, since there is a limited amount of space available in the storage area and the vehicles used for transportation. In some cases, if the volume is very large, though the weight may be less, the courier company may charge the customer based on volume.


After the courier company for the shipment is selected, the sender can go to the courier company office to deliver the item which has to be shipped, make the payment, and collect the airway bill. In some cases, it is inconvenient for the sender to visit the company office, so he can book the shipment online through the company website, specifying the convenient time. Alternately he can book the shipment on phone. The courier staff will come and collect the item along with the payment and give the airway bill. The sender can track the status of the item couriered using the information provided on the airway bill.

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