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How to Make Your Writing More Interesting: A Comprehensive Guide

A good essay should have many qualities, such as well-balanced arguments, a clear structure, original ideas, and many more. However, one aspect that is sometimes ignored is that an excellent essay must be interesting. It should pique the reader’s interest, hold their attention, and compel them to read more and get more knowledge. Even if your arguments are strong, factors such as a boring writing style might detract from the essay’s good elements and cause the reader to stop reading. Academic writing mustn’t be dull. Although you may be limited while adhering to the official guidelines of academic writing, the best part is that there are many strategies on how to make writing more interesting.

5 ways to make writing more interesting: Composing more engaging essays

The challenge is that most learners mistakenly believe that they should write their assignments in a dull, dry tone—ideal for academic writing—and fail to take into account the professor’s desire to find the work interesting. There are many essays that your instructors must read each day. Accordingly, it’s advisable to take the time to compose one that will definitely “wow” them. This article reveals 5 tips to make your writing more interesting.

You should have an interest in the subject you’re writing about

Being genuinely engaged in the subject of your writing is the one thing that will ensure that it is interesting to readers. Like it’s simple to converse intelligently with someone about something you consider intriguing, enthusiasm for a topic comes over effortlessly in your writing, usually rendering it more vivid and captivating and introducing zeal into your words. As a result, it becomes very simple to write interestingly about a topic you are passionate about. Nonetheless, issues occur if you’re required to compose an assignment about a topic you’re not interested in. It’s hard to elicit enthusiasm for your least favorite topics, and your writing will suffer. However, there are tips you can follow to help you write on a topic you don’t like:

  • You may change your outlook. Persuade yourself that there are no dull topics. You are at fault if the essay or subject seems uninteresting. Work on developing an interest in it in case you negatively perceive it. Consider the relevance to the real world and the significance of the topic. Look for intriguing facts about it, and analyze it from a different perspective.
  • You should consider your reader. Think about the possibility that others may not find the topic to be as uninteresting as you do. Think of the reader as the subject’s greatest fan while you write, and act accordingly.
  • One may identify the fans. It’s best if you Google the topic to discover blog posts, videos, or forums where the issue is addressed by individuals who find it intriguing if you are having trouble understanding your audience’s perspective. This can help you visualize your audience and change how you see a topic that may not have previously inspired you.

It’s best if you use the active voice to make your essay more interesting

Employing the active voice instead of the passive voice will make your work more exciting to read. It produces livelier and more direct writing, which puts the reader more “in the present.” Regrettably, a majority of learners use the passive voice in their writing because they think it sounds more academic or intelligent—in reality, it sounds boring. Always keep in mind that the active voice is used when the sentence’s subject “acts,” whereas the passive voice is used when the subject is being acted upon.

  • Passive: It was determined by the researchers that the procedures utilized were…
  • Active: The researchers determined that the procedures utilized were…

In this instance, “the researchers” are the subject, and “determining” is the “act” that they are doing. The active voice tends to generate better, more elegant wording that is more concise and easier to read.

One may look for a professional writing service

Writing an interesting essay from scratch could be challenging because developing it may entail research, properly presenting your ideas, and editing. For instance, you may produce the most engaging paper a professor has ever seen, but if it’s full of mistakes that draw the reader’s focus away from the actual topic and are likely to frustrate them, you’ll undercut your hard work. Further, you may often overuse phrases or words that are clichés, reducing your work’s interest by making it predictable. Therefore, employing a custom essay writing service may enable you to make your writing more interesting and professional. You should use an essay service similar to CustomWritings to get custom writing help from academic experts. The professional the company assigns you will make sure they proofread your order before submitting it to you. They’ll confirm that the spelling, grammar, and punctuation are impeccable and refrain from employing the clichés that your peers would normally use, making your essay stand out.

You can use rhetorical questions

Using a rhetorical question was one strategy ancient orators used to maintain their listeners’ attention and heighten the dramatic impact of their speeches. A rhetorical question is simply a query you posit without anticipating a response from your listeners. This may be a powerful technique to start a new line of inquiry or raise concerns you’ll go into further detail about. You may use a rhetorical question to introduce a new topic for discussion at the start of a new paragraph or at the conclusion of one to transition into the next. For example, the opening phrase of a paragraph discussing the evidence for a viewpoint stated in the preceding paragraph may be, “So is X’s statement fiction, or is there any proof to back the claim?” Additionally, you may use a rhetorical question as your essay’s “hook” to draw readers in immediately.

One may employ some figurative language

It’s easy to ramble while attempting to explain complex ideas, especially if you don’t fully get them yourself. Using figurative language may help you express an idea more effectively and engagingly while also helping you think more clearly about it. This creative writing refers to describing anything by making a comparison to another item, such as in an analogy. For instance, to illustrate the exponential decay of radioactive material, you might compare it to water leaking from a hole in a barrel since the depletion rate of both relies on how much is still there. This helps the reader comprehend a new idea by giving them a familiar visual image.

If you follow the proper approaches, essay writing may be exhilarating, but if you do it poorly, it can become very stressful for you and your reader. Using the strategies in this article, you may write interesting papers and distinguish yourself from your peers.


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