How To Make Picrew Avatar: Is Creating A Picrew Avatar Free?

Do you want to use your creativity but only have a smartphone? Have you heard of the latest TikTok trend? Social Media and Digital Art together sound fun, right? TikTok is a leading social media platform used by teens, adults, and young adults.

The Picrew Avatar Trend reign on Tiktok for a long time as many users create their unique art on Picrew and incorporate it with their TikTok videos. But how do you create a Picrew Avatar? Is it even free? Worry no more as you won’t get left behind on this trend! Fortunately, in this guide, we’ll teach you how you can create your Picrew and join the Picrew Avatar trend using your smartphone!

What Is A Picrew Avatar?

Picrew Avatars are characters created using Picrew. It can be a virtual representation of yourself that you can use for various games and forums. Picrew is an online character customization site that allows character creation online. It is a platform that contains a user-friendly interface and tons of customizable Picrew Makers. Picrew Makers are preset that you can choose from to create your unique character design. Picrew has minimal advertisements and a few handy buttons for customization. Navigating the platform is easy with its sleek and clean design.

How Did The Picrew Avatar Trend Start?

During the pandemic, TikTok, the most popular platform online, contains many videos on various topics such as art, dance, singing, and more. Many dance trends started on TikTok before the pandemic happened. The Picrew Avatar Trend on TikTok was due to a Picrew Creator who created a Picrew Avatar version of herself and incorporated it into her TikTok Video. Many TikTok users became very interested in these, especially artists. This trend is an opportunity for other Picrew Creators to share their excellent art with the world. Many TikTok users tried to immerse in using Picrew to join the Picrew Avatar trend. But also due to this, many fake sites surfaced online trying to imitate Picrew. Some let their users pay to create a Picrew which leads to the surfacing question: Is it free to create a Picrew Avatar?

Is Creating A Picrew Avatar Free?

Of course, it is! Picrew is a free platform to use. It is accessible across the globe and contains a simple interface. It aims to provide a free and enjoyable website for character customization for individuals of any age. It can be a way for you to spend your leisure time. You can also immerse your creativity using the website. You can be a Picrew Creator with no money and sweat at all! Keep reading as we dive into the short guide on how you can make your Picrew Avatar.

How To Make Picrew Avatar Using A Smartphone

Picrew Avatars are beneficial to individuals in many ways. It can be handy for various situations and an excellent fun method for spending leisure time. It is easy and contains five easy steps to follow. Read thoroughly as every step explains how to make Picrew Avatar properly.

  1. Visit Picrew.to: Connect your device to an internet connection. Search for Picrew on your browser. The platform has no application, which makes it accessible to every user.
  2. Select Language Of The Interface: At the homepage of Picrew, you’ll find the language selection at the upper right of the page. You can select from the languages such as Japanese and English. Choose the language you can understand.
  3. Choose The Picrew Maker: Many Picrew Makers are displayed on the homepage. Select from these makers to start designing your Picrew Avatar. You should know what kind of design you want for your Picrew Avatar before selecting from these customizable Picrew Makers.
  4. Customize Picrew Avatar: Click the Picrew Maker you want to customize and start incorporating your design into the Avatar. You can choose the skin tone, hairstyle, facial features, and wardrobe of Avatar according to the preset available to the Picrew Maker. Create a unique design on the platform mix and match the designs.
  5. Download Image: You can click the complete button when done and download your design on your device. Easy right? No sweat! After downloading your design, incorporate it with your TikTok video to join the Picrew Avatar Trend!

Tips On Creating Picrew Avatars

According to the steps above, creating Picrew Avatars is easy. If you feel lost on the site, here are some tips that can come in handy in the future. Keep this in mind to navigate Picrew immediately.

  • Follow A Color Scheme: In creating Picrew Avatars, it is essential to have a color scheme in mind. Color schemes contribute much to the outcome of your Picrew Avatar. It can make your Avatar attractive and pleasing to others.
  • Mix And Match the Presets: In every Picrew Maker, you’ll find presets for the facial features, wardrobe, hairstyle, pose, and more elements regarding the Avatar. Mix and match the presets to create a unique Picrew Avatar.
  • Select The Picrew Maker You Prefer: You can find many Picrew Makers on Picrew. There are Picrew Makers for animals such as cats and dogs. There are Picrew Makers for cartoon characters. You can also find a Picrew Maker for humans, which can look like an anime girl, cartoon, and more.
  • Create A Design In Mind: Creating a design before finding a Picrew Maker is essential. It will allow you to find the Picrew Maker easily. It will save you much time rather than getting overwhelmed with the amount of Picrew Makers on Picrew.

Final Words

Avatars are everywhere online. They have plenty of use on any social media platform. Picrew is a free avatar maker you can use to customize your avatar online. TikTok has been a helpful instrument in leading many individuals to use Picrew. Picrew also helped individuals of any age to practice their creativity without paying anything. It is an excellent platform for character creation. It is accessible on any device, meaning you can create designs anytime. Visit Picrew and join Picrew Avatar Trend now!

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